Jack Antonoff Lends Modern Score to Broadway’s Latest “Romeo and Juliet”

Key Takeaways:
– Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler join Broadway adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” this fall.
– Jack Antonoff, popular music producer, will debut his modern score.
– Director Sam Gold aims to celebrate the spirit of youth and their reactions to global issues.

A Modern Twist on a Classic Tale

Broadway aficionados await a refreshed version of “Romeo and Juliet” this fall, enhanced by a contemporary score from Grammy-winning music artist Jack Antonoff. Set to make their Broadway debuts are British actor Kit Conner from Netflix series “Heartstopper” and Rachel Zegler, who gained acclaim in “West Side Story”. The famous love story penned by William Shakespeare receives an updating from this talented team.

The Modern Adaptation

“The youth are left to their own devices in their parents’ violent world,” begins the modern-day adaptation’s official brief. Channeling deep emotions of the younger generation, this rendition of Romeo and Juliet captures the rollercoaster ride of love and despair, hurtling towards an inexorable end. The pristine thrill of passion soon spirals into brutal chaos, promising an enactment like no other.

Artistic Collaborations

Director Sam Gold, known for his insightful productions, takes the helm of this project. He expressed his desire to create something this season that harmonizes the essence of youth, hope, and the anxiety young people feel about the future they’re stepping into. The upcoming presidential elections in November serve as a backdrop, adding another layer of relevance to the timeless play.

Tony Award-winning Sonya Tayeh furnishes the production with her signature choreography. Antonoff, the musical dynamo behind Taylor Swift’s hits and rock band Bleachers, endows the show with a stylish, modern score. Fresh off his third consecutive Grammy win for Producer of the Year, Antonoff brings a touch of the contemporary to the classic narrative.

Broadway Debuts

This production marks a series of Broadway firsts. Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler will enchant audiences with their Broadway introductions, as will Antonoff with his music. The 39-year-old musician, beloved for his collaborations with superstar Taylor Swift, is set to bring his unique sound to the Broadway stage.

Awaiting Further Information

Producers of this “Romeo and Juliet” revival are yet to share more information, including details about the venue, performance dates, and additional cast members.


The “Romeo and Juliet” production promises a contemporary blend of artistry and emotion. Set against the current socio-political landscape, its intent is to relay a classic story in a way that resonates with today’s young audience. With an accomplished team and a modern twist, this rendition indeed holds promise. The creative approach harmonized with a standout cast makes this a highly anticipated Broadway event.


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