Cleveland Browns’ Greg Newsome Refutes Trade Rumours Amid Offseason Chatter

Summarized Key Takeaways:

– Cleveland Browns cornerback Greg Newsome dismisses trade rumors, asserting his value to the team.
– Newsome, heading into his fourth season, achieved career-highs in statistics last season.
– Browns GM Andrew Berry confirms their satisfaction with Newsome, expecting him to continue playing a significant role.
– Other teammates like Denzel Ward openly support Newsome, underlining the importance of keeping the cornerback unit intact.
– Newsome possesses a fifth-year option on his deal worth $13.38 million for the ‘2025 season, with a decision due by May 2.

Browns’ Greg Newsome Addresses Trade Speculations

Having established himself as a stellar cornerback for the Cleveland Browns, Greg Newsome is ready for his fourth season with the team. Brushing off offseason trade rumors, Newsome assures his place in the team, stating that the Browns’ management and coach team are well-aware of his contributions and value.

As Newsome shared on April 16, “What goes through my head is nothing. I feel like I’m comfortable here. They know what I’m capable of, they know what I bring to this team… I feel like they know my value. So I wasn’t too worried about that.”

Career Highlights and Upcoming Season

Chosen as the team’s first-round pick in 2021, Newsome had an impressive stint last season, recording career-highs in tackles (49), tackles for loss (4), pass breakups (14), and interceptions (2). Yet, his role was shifted to the slot position as Martin Emerson Jr. and Denzel Ward secured the outside spots. Despite this, Newsome’s optimism remains undeterred.

Endorsement from the Browns’ Management

In the swirl of speculation about Newsome potentially being traded, Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry stated his satisfaction with Newsome’s performance. Speaking at the league meetings in March, Berry said, “We have that every year, but we’re pleased with Greg, anticipate him continuing to play a big role for us.”

Newsome is also attached with a fifth-year option on his deal, worth $13.38 million for the 2025 season. The Browns must decide on this by May 2. Despite the potential interest from other teams, retaining Newsome won’t deter a deal due to his affordability and skill as a starting-caliber cornerback.

Solidarity Among Teammates

Newsome’s position is also backed by fellow team members, particularly Denzel Ward. Ward strongly advocates for keeping the current cornerback unit intact and believes it to be the best in the league.

“It’s very important [to keep us together],” said Ward. “Having multiple No. 1 corners on a team is an ideal situation.” Ward, considered the Browns’ top cornerback, understands the advantage of having a robust second line. He has faced injuries that limited his play to 13 games last season, making Newsome’s availability a significant asset to the team.


Overcoming trade rumors, Greg Newsome is poised to continue excelling as the Browns’ cornerback. With the team management and teammates singing his praise, Newsome’s commitment to the team and his significant role appear firmly rooted, making him an asset the Cleveland Browns would want to retain in the seasons to come.


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