Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis Crowned Champions on HGTV’s “Rock the Block”

Key Takeaways:
– Twins Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have clinched victory in the 5th season of HGTV’s “Rock the Block.”
– The sisters believe that the installation of solar panels – offering buyers an income source – distinguished their property from their competitors.
– The rigorous six-week-long competition included 15-hour workdays, often leaving the contestants exhausted.
– Fellow HGTV stars have congratulated Lyndsay and Leslie on their win.

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, hosts of “Unsellable Houses,” have triumphed in HGTV’s fifth season of “Rock the Block.” Despite only winning a single weekly challenge throughout the season, the twins trumped their rivals with a final twist in their home design.

Solar Solution: The Game-Changing Move

The siblings believe that their strategic decision to install solar panels contributed importantly to their final appraisal value. In a post-win interview, Leslie highlighted the potential income source from selling surplus energy back to the state: a feature distinct to their property. She stated, “Giving buyers an income source on their home was untouchable to anything anyone else put into their homes.”

Experiencing the Competition Intensity

Lyndsay and Leslie imparted how demanding the “Rock the Block” competition was. With 15-hour day schedules for six consecutive days, the experience progressively turned more taxing, from the initial fun and enthusiasm to questioning their decision to partake. Their routine included eating cereal in the shower due to tiredness – a habit they termed as ‘shower cereal’.

HGTV Community Celebrates the Twin’s Success

The twins’ victory was greeted warmly by their network co-stars. An Instagram post announcing their win was met with congratulatory messages. Ty Pennington, the host, extended his appreciations for the winners. Lyndsay responded with an acknowledgment of how great it was to work with him again.

Their season 3 challenge competitor, Jenny Marrs, expressed her fondness for the twins, joining in the congratulatory cheer. Similar congratulations came from the season 4 winner. Additionally, some of the season 5 guest judges, including former winners Mike Jackson and Mika Kleinschmidt, added their best wishes.


Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis proved their talent and stamina in overcoming the rigorous realities of the “Rock the Block” contest. Their strategic design move not only added value to their property but also provided an income opportunity for potential homeowners. As they celebrate their win, they are a testament to the reality that innovative thinking, even when tested against time and exhaustion, can emerge victorious. Above all, their journey culminated in the cheer and support of the HGTV community, celebrating their hard-earned triumph. The twins’ win is a testament to their resilience and innovative home improvement strategies. It sends a strong message to all potential contestants: planning and stamina are key aspects of winning this prestigious title.


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