‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Duo Dave and Jenny Marrs Accidentally Reveal Season 6 Plans on Instagram Live

Key Takeaways:
– HGTV stars Dave and Jenny Marrs accidentally disclosed plans for a Season 6 of their show “Fixer to Fabulous.”
– The couple’s revelation occurred during an Instagram Live session from their car on April 10, 2024.
– The revealing Instagram Livestream was deleted from Jenny’s feed shortly after posting.
– Despite the unexpected disclosure, HGTV is yet to officially announce the sixth season.

Unexpected Reveal during Instagram Live Session

HGTV sensation and home renovation duo, Dave and Jenny Marrs known best for their hit show “Fixer to Fabulous,” might have declared more than intended during an Instagram Live session on April 10, 2024. The interactive session included a Q&A where the couple casually let slip plans for an impending sixth season of their popular home renovation series.

The Instagram Live Session had started as a means for the couple to engage their fans with behind-the-scenes details about the last episode of their six-part spin-off journey, “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano,” that shared their adventure in renovating an Italian Villa. The last episode of the side series was scheduled for April 16.

Accidental Disclosure and Subsequent Deletion

During this Live session, which was conducted as they waited to film a house walk-through, the Marrs unexpectedly disclosed that they were filming for the sixth season of their main show, “Fixer to Fabulous,” a reality that HGTV is yet to officially announce. The revelation naturally intrigued fans, raising anticipation for the yet to be proclaimed season.

Despite the couple acknowledging their faux pas, the incident prompted a wave of posts and comments from excited fans. A recording of this Instagram Live initially appeared in Jenny’s feed but was notably deleted shortly after.

On Location Filming and Production Crew Engagement

During the interactive session, Dave Marrs alluded that they were waiting for the “Fixer to Fabulous” production crew to prepped for a home walk-through. As fans tuned in to the virtual interaction, the Marrs couple playfully introduced the crew standing by. Dave gave viewers a glimpse of their long-serving production director Jerome Jarnigan and camera operator Jason Bernardi.

Dave and Jenny were then shown laughing and teasing their crew on the Live feed before hurriedly ending the chat with the declaration, “Starting another one – the fourth house to start for the season.”

Past Speculations of ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Return

Uncertainty about the return of their show had been high since filming the fifth season concluded in December 2023. Jenny had posted on Instagram expressing hope for another season, although nothing was confirmed at the time.

In the now-deleted Instagram Live from April 10, Jenny mentioned that they finished filming their spin-off series “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano” in January. The six-week spinoff premiered after the March 5, 2024 finale of their fifth season of “Fixer to Fabulous”. The Marrs continued filming in the weeks following, as evidenced by Jenny Marrs’ Instagram post on April 5, 2024, where she revealed that they would commence filming the subsequent week. Despite the demanding schedule, Jenny stressed the need for relaxation and focus before resuming the frantic filming pace.

As the anticipations rise after the unofficial revelation, fans and followers of “Fixer to Fabulous” eagerly await HGTV’s announcement regarding the yet to be confirmed sixth season.


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