‘Squid Game’ Skyrocketd Netflix’s Worth by $900 Million

Netflix Rakes in Revenue through Squid Game

With Squid Game conquering international television, Netflix’s value skyrocketed by an astounding $900 million. The series was a monumental success, despite the production cost per episode being a modest $2.4 million. This show has become a major source of revenue for Netflix, with fans worldwide eagerly waiting for the release of its second season.

Limited Financial Gains for Squid Game’s Mastermind

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator and mastermind behind the captivating plot and mesmerizing visuals of Squid Game, saw minimal financial returns from its tremendous success. His contract with Netflix included handing over all the intellectual property rights and residuals. This left Netflix free to continually profit from Squid Game, while its creator was essentially left empty-handed.

Unrivalled Triumph of Squid Game’s First Season

The first season of Squid Game broke all records and became the most-watched series in 94 countries on Netflix shortly after its premiere in September 2021. The show collected 1.65 billion viewing hours within a month from its release, leading to $900 million in discovered value for Netflix.

Known for its inventive plot and riveting storyline, Squid Game won several awards and accolades. It made history by securing 14 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and becoming the first non-English language series up for the Outstanding Drama Series distinction.

Enthralling Storyline of Squid Game

The enigmatical storyline of Squid Game introduces us to 456 individuals fighting dire financial hardships. These individuals partake in a cataclysmic competition with an overwhelming cash prize of $35 million for the sole winner. The series showcases Lee Jung-jae as the protagonist, who plays a compelling role for the viewers.

Squid Game Creator Advocates for Residuals

Despite giving up his residuals in the agreement, Hwang Dong-hyuk voiced his dissatisfaction with such manipulative practices. According to reports, Netflix gave him a generous offer for producing Squid Game’s second season.

Hwang stresses the significance of residual payments in the film industry, pushing for legal reforms that generate sustainable revenues for creators. His views stem from a long-term vision to promote creativity in this field, enabling impactful productions like Squid Game and Parasite to continue making waves.

While awaiting the thrilling continuity of the series in its second season, Hwang stays committed to the show despite the underlying financial hiccups. He marches forward, advocating for more creator-friendly standards in the industry.

One thing is for certain – Squid Game shook the entertainment industry and has left the audience yearning for the second season. Despite the immense success, the creator’s lack of significant financial gain highlights the urgency for change in industry contracts. While continuing the breathtaking saga, a spotlight is now cast upon the challenges faced by creators in the world of streaming platforms. As all eyes remain on Squid Game, it’s about time that the realities behind the glamour are recognized and rectified.

While it may have been a lucrative venture for Netflix, it’s clear that the creative forces behind such triumphs need substantial financial recognition. Only then can we expect more groundbreaking works like the Squid Game to transform our TV screens.

In the end, it’s more than just a game. It’s about shaping an industry that values adaptation, originality, and most importantly, fair play. As the audience awaits the second season, it’s crucial to remember the sacrifices and the battles fought off-screen for these on-screen marvels to come alive.

Squid Game Season 1 is currently available on Netflix. Despite the challenges faced, the series’ dedicated creator is persistent in ensuring the survival and success of this gripping drama. The anticipation for the second season continues to build, heralding new victories and changes in the industry.

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