Bronny James’ Prospective NBA Rookie Salary Significantly Lower than LeBron’s

Bronny James, son of LeBron James and an emerging name in basketball, has a promising yet uncertain future. If he gets selected in the 2024 NBA Draft, Bronny’s projected salary would be $580,272 for the 2024-25 season. This stands modest in comparison to LeBron’s anticipated earning of $51,415,938 in the upcoming season.

Key Takeaways:

– Bronny James, if selected in the NBA draft in 2024, would likely have a rookie salary of $580,272.
– Multiple factors are yet to be determined which could influence his NBA rookie salary.
– His proposed salary is just 1.13% of what his father LeBron will make in the upcoming season.
– Despite his significantly lower NBA salary, his endorsement deals with multiple brands offer him a good earning potential.
– His future remains uncertain, with the possibility of rejoining the NCAA for further development before entering the NBA draft.

Prospective Salary Calculation

Mock drafts point Bronny as a probable second round pick owing to his need for game development. Currently averaging 4.8 points per game as a freshman at USC, it’s evident Bronny needs more experience before he’s ready for the NBA.

Given his development needs and second round draft spot, Bronny is an ideal candidate for an NBA two-way contract. These contracts allow players to oscillate between their NBA team and its G League affiliate – a chance to gain valuable playing experience. These contracts offer half of the NBA’s minimum salary.

The expected salary cap for the 2024-25 NBA season is $141 million, and using the same ratio applied to the 2023-24 salary cap of over $136 million, the projected NBA rookie minimum would be $1,160,544. Bronny’s projected wage, considering he signs a two-way contract, would be half of that – $580,272.

Offsetting NBA Earnings with Endorsement Deals

Although Bronny’s projected NBA pay is a fraction of his father’s, his estimated $4.5 million Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) evaluation and various endorsement deals make up for it significantly. Bronny’s partnerships with high-profile brands like Google, Fast X, Beats by Dre, Nike, and PSD Underwear will escort him to his professional NBA journey, contributing generously to his earning potential.

Uncertain Playing Field Ahead for Bronny

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported on March 2 that Bronny may make his decision to enter the NBA based on specific team interest and developmental opportunities rather than on the draft position. It’s imperative for young players to be in the right developmental situation, the James family’s agent, Rich Paul informed ESPN.

There’s speculation that Bronny could return to the NCAA next season, albeit not with USC. Possible NCAA destinations include Oregon, Ohio State, Duquesne, Pepperdine, and Duke. Bronny could also potentially move to SMU as his former coach Andy Enfield is now heading that program.

Regardless of where he may end up playing in the upcoming season, Bronny won’t struggle financially thanks to his lucrative NIL deals. Whether he gets his break into the NBA immediately or heads back to the NCAA for honing his skills, Bronny’s basketball future holds promise and potential for financial prosperity.

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