Fan Frenzy Over Alleged ‘Naked’ Photo of HGTV Star, Ben Napier, on Instagram

On April 13, a delightful disturbance stirred among the followers of “Home Town” star Erin Napier. She posted a picture on Instagram that showed her husband and co-star, Ben Napier, appearing almost naked while cooling off in front of a sprinkler.

Key Takeaways:

– HGTV star Erin Napier shared a somewhat misleading photo of her husband, Ben Napier, apparently cooling under a sprinkler.
– Fans were taken aback by the image as it gave an impression that Ben was naked.
– Erin clarified that Ben was wearing khaki shorts in the picture.
– This incident was followed by a humorous exchange in the comments.
– The couple has also teased about something big coming up in 2025.

Misleading Photo Sparks Hilarity Among Fans

Fans of the HGTV series were both surprised and amused by the photo. Many of them initially presumed Ben was unclothed. In response to one such comment, Erin clarified that her husband was actually wearing “khaki shorts!” during the incident. This revelation was followed by a burst of hilarity among various commenters.

Among the amused fans was Ben’s own younger brother, who joined the bandwagon, jokingly advising his elder sibling to be more careful on social media. In a funny turn of events, a subsequent fan chimed in with, “Dude, I wasn’t expecting that, but I see now he’s got shorts on.” This humorous back-and-forth largely dominated the post’s comment section.

An Overview of the Insta Post Amid the Banter

Erin posted the picture in question to announce the upcoming April 14 episode of their show. She shared details about the episode, stating they would transform a suburban ranch into a house with Italian country vibes for a couple who had moved from New Jersey. Erin portrayed the context of the rather hot weather, which was so intense it led to Ben’s sprinkler situation.

Alongside Ben’s photograph, Erin also shared an image of one of their daughters, sitting with a bucket of ice while sporting a popsicle-print swimsuit.

Despite the frenzy over the first image, one user diverted the conversation back to the show, praising the latest season as “unique” and appreciating Ben’s humor.

Teasers About Upcoming Endeavors

Meanwhile, it appears the Napiers are not only making headlines with their social media posts but also with their hint at some future endeavors. On April 12, Erin posted a picture of herself, Ben, and some other friends, inside what looked like an under-construction building. The caption read, “up to something so big in 2025.”

Though Erin refrained from divulging further, enthusiastic fans could not resist the curiosity. One follower guessed they might be having a building named after them at Jones College, while another suggested they might be starring in a Hallmark movie. Yet another one envisioned a “Home Town Inn.”

The speculations surrounding the Napiers are making rounds. The audience is eagerly looking forward to confirming their guesses in the coming years, and until then, they continue to enjoy the charm and warmth the Napiers bring to their homes, both on-screen and off-screen.

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