“House Hunters” Throuple Shares Life Update Four Years On

Four years following their groundbreaking appearance as a “throuple” on HGTV’s highly popular TV series “House Hunters,” Brian, Lori, and Geli are back on camera. This time, they return to share their life journey on the show’s sixth season of “House Hunters: Where Are They Now.” For the fans who have been eagerly waiting for an update, the April 2024 premiere provided just that.

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Key Takeaways:

– Four years after appearing on HGTV’s “House Hunters,” the first ever “throuple” Brian, Lori, and Geli offer an update.
– Despite not finding a home with the desired three-sink vanity, the threesome are content in their Colorado home.
– They face occasional neighborhood prejudice but report most of their close neighbors being welcoming.
– The unique dynamics of Brian, Lori, and Geli’s relationship began with Brian and Lori’s marriage over 20 years ago.

Staying Strong Despite Challenges

Despite the challenges, the unique family unit — Brian, Geli, and Lori still live happily alongside their two teenage children in the house they bought on the show in Colorado. Their home, although not fulfilling every wish on their list, functions well for their unique needs and circumstances.

When the threesome were hunting for a house in 2020, they appeared on the “House Hunters” episode “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” with a list that inspired many viewers. Alongside the standard requirements, their wish list included enough space for home offices, a primary bathroom with three sinks, and a king-sized bedroom— a necessity for a throuple.

Adjusting to Their New Home

While they did not find a home with a three-sink vanity and have not undergone any renovation to install one either, the trio manages their routine smoothly. According to Lori and Geli on the recent episode, they rarely need to get ready simultaneously, reducing the need for the third sink.

One of the challenges that came their way was Geli’s basement home office. Although all three got independent workspaces, Geli’s place in the basement made her a bit disappointed. However, she took it in stride, expressing her feelings with a light-hearted remark, stating, “It’s alright, it’s okay,” followed by a nervous laugh.

Despite the minor issues, the throuple loves their new home. They shared with viewers that the big bedroom, large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed, has been a massive advantage.

Facing Neighborhood Prejudice

Even as they settle in Colorado and make new friends, Brian, Lori, and Geli spoke candidly on the show about not every neighbor welcoming their unique family dynamic. Yet, the throuple maintains a cheerful attitude, explaining that they make sure to greet their detractors with smiles and waves.

Exploring Their Unconventional Relationship

Brian and Lori were married for over two decades, as revealed in a GQ 2021 profile. Lori’s bisexuality led them to broaden their relationship, resulting in them meeting Geli at a gay club in San Antonio. In 2019, they formalized their relationship with Geli in a commitment ceremony, and since then, Geli has been a second mother to their children.

On their episode of “House Hunters: Where Are They Now,” the throuple further explained that their kids’ friends initially needed some time to adapt to their unconventional family structure. Their candid interactions with people and their lighthearted approach to revealing their family setup were captured brilliantly on the show. Their unique family unit is indeed one that breaks traditional norms, but in doing so, also shines a light on the diverse forms love can take.

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