Casting Call for Joggers and Small Dogs in Wilmington for ‘Strawberry Fields’

Wilmington, NC becomes an arena for real joggers and small dog owners! An interesting casting call offers a unique opportunity to partake in an upcoming production named ‘Strawberry Fields’.

A Glimpse into the Casting Call

A wave of excitement spreads as casting directors scout for dedicated joggers and small dog owners for captivating background roles. The casting call welcomes males and females from assorted backgrounds and ethnicities. The only prerequisite is a genuine passion for jogging and owning a small furry friend!

What’s the Role about?

The selected candidates and their dogs will embellish a picturesque park scene. They’ll conduct everyday activities, adding a layer of authenticity to the frame. Their responsibilities will include adhering to the shooting schedule on the Wilmington, NC set.

In addition to jogging on command, participants must ensure their dogs follow directions and behave appropriately during shoots. The production welcomes ages ranging from 18-50.

Do You Fit the Role?

Ideal participants must have a knack for jogging, appearing comfortable on camera. The casting directors don’t discriminate based on the breed of dog, but the canine companion must weigh less than 25 lbs.

Necessary criteria also include up-to-date vaccination records and licensing documents, wherever mandatory in the place of residence. Applicants must be available on the scheduled shoot date. Providing transportation for themselves and their dogs to the Wilmington location is a crucial factor.

Reward for Participation

Participants will receive compensation of $120 for up to 8 hours of work. For overtime, the pay rate increases to one and a half times the base pay. It’s important to note that all travel expenses and accommodation arrangements fall under the participant’s responsibility.

How to Jump On-Board?

Joining Project Casting can pave the way for such rare opportunities. If you are a fervent jogger or have a pet that can add drama to the scene, don’t hesitate! This could be a phenomenal experience. So, tie your shoelaces, buckle up your pet, and head off to be a part of ‘Strawberry Fields’.


To conclude, the ‘Strawberry Fields’ production looks forward to finding perfect candidates for this unique role. With a blend of health-conscious joggers and charming small dogs, this casting call aims for an authentic appeal. As it sets out to depict relatable everyday scenes, the production opens a doorway for real joggers and small dog owners. Seize this opportunity to star in an exciting production and create beautiful memories with your pet!

So, could this be the break you’ve been waiting for? For those passionate about jogging, and love spending time with their 4-legged buddies, it’s time to step into the limelight. Get ready to offer an on-screen glimpse into your genuine everyday activities. And remember, not every runner-out-of-breath or dog-chasing-stick moment is irrelevant—these are just what ‘Strawberry Fields’ is looking for! Yet another example of reality becoming a source of inspiration for the magical world of cinema.

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