Huntsville Non-Profit Seeks Voice-Over Actors for Promotional Fundraiser Video

The city of Huntsville, AL is buzzing with excitement as an upcoming casting call has just been announced. The search is on for diverse voice-over actors for a promotional video. The video will support a local non-profit organization’s forthcoming fundraising campaign.

Distinctive Roles for Varied Artistry

The producers are not just looking for any type of talent, but rather unique individuals who can breathe life into the scripted lines with sincerity and professionalism. The coveted roles are open to a variety of ages and ethnicities, highlighting the inclusivity of the project.

The female roles include a mid-30s part, requiring a professional, warm, and sincere tone. There is also a 45-55 age group female part which demands a mature, authoritative voice. Lastly, a part for a soulful 55-65 voice that can exude kindness and empathy.

Male roles, on the other hand, provide similar diversity. A Black male artist in his 30s is sought after for his clear, engaging tone and passion. Additionally, a role exists for a mature male aged 55-65, possessing a professional, seasoned voice suitable for leadership narration.

Striving for Engaging Narration

The main goal of this project is to reach out, inspire, and motivate potential donors with effective storytelling and compelling narration. The selected voice actors will play a significant role in shaping the overall impact of this promotional video. Hence, the ability to deliver lines with conviction is a must.

Requirements and Responsibilities

While previous voice-over experience is preferred, it is not a strict requirement. Prospective voice talents need to be prepared to attend any necessary rehearsals and complete recordings within timely schedules.

Submissions must include examples of previous voice-over work, if available. Alternatively, a short voice sample can also be provided. All talents need to be open to collaborate with the production team to hit the desired tone and pacing.

Compensation and Application Details

Each selected artist will be compensated with $25 per session. The application process is easy and can be done online. Applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply, reflecting the project’s objective of representing varied voices.

Ramping Up the Casting Call

The announcement of the casting call has set the stage for a thrilling opportunity in Huntsville. The diversity in roles opens the doors for talents who hold a variety of capacities. This inclusive casting call promises to add a flavor of authenticity and community spirit to promote the local non-profit’s fundraising campaign.

In conclusion, this casting call is looking to showcase local talent in an influential way to inspire prospective donors. This extraordinary opportunity does not just end with a promotional video. Instead, it creates a platform that connects community stories with those willing to support them. If you happen to meet the role requirements and responsibilities and have a knack for bringing scripts to life, this could just be the career break you’ve been waiting for.

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