Kids Brand Launches $500/Day Photo Shoot Casting Call in New York City

The Big Apple plays host to a captivating new casting call as a well-known kids’ brand announces a multi-day photo shoot, set to transpire between May 15th and 18th. A golden chance for budding young talents, this professional setting endeavour could potentially lift their careers off the ground.

Opportunity to Gain Experience in the Entertainment World

Exposure is key in the world of entertainment, and this casting call provides the perfect platform. Participating in this significant event offers valuable insights into the workings of a professional photoshoot. Successful candidates will collaborate with seasoned industry professionals and other child models, creating and executing captivating scenes.

Essential Job Responsibilities

This casting call is more than just posing in front of cameras. Young participants will actively engage in a multi-day photoshoot, promoting a renowned kids’ clothing line. They will follow instructions from authoritative photographers. Not only this, but each participant will also experience the dynamic environment of a real photo shoot set, collaborating with the production team holistically.

Additionally, children models will have to acclimatize themselves with frequent wardrobe changes and makeup applications as mandated by the shoot’s demands.

Application Criteria

Toddlers looking to partake in this dazzling event must meet specific requirements. The casting call is exclusive to children ranging in sizes 4 or 5, with self-confirmation required. It is to note, that only non-represented children may apply, as agency-representations are not being considered.

Each child’s parent or guardian should accompany them throughout the shoot, covering all four days from May 15th to 18th in New York City. Legally, all attending guardians must render a consent form and agree to sign a release form for the promotional use of photos.

Attractive Compensation Package

This casting call offers generous compensation to successful participants. They are set to earn $500 each day, with the payment being handed out after the shoot wraps up. This means potential total earnings of $2,000 for full participation can be expected.

Apply today – Project Casting at Your Service

Embark on your child’s journey to stardom today with Project Casting. With an array of casting calls, auditions, and entertainment career options at disposal, we strive to connect aspiring talents with the right opportunities. This casting call is just one of many.

Upcoming Casting Calls

Don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities. For instance, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 is casting and hiring. Additionally, learn how to get cast in ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 as it films in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also, Wyndham Resort is on the lookout for fresh faces for its commercial.

Each opportunity is a stepping stone towards making a name in the entertainment industry. So apply to this casting call now and let your child’s journey to stardom begin in earnest. The future of entertainment is here; seize it today!

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