Project Casting Calls Small Business Owners for Mastercard Ad Embodying Argentine Culture

Launching Unforgettable Careers

Project Casting’s unparalleled dedication to offering a wealth of opportunities to a wide range of talent in the entertainment industry is inspiring. The platform is not only an avenue for aspiring actors and models, but also a gateway for competent crew members seeking to be part of game-changing projects in the entertainment sector.

Mastercard Commercial Casting Call Details

Project Casting is now thrilled to introduce an opportunity for small business owners to appear in a heartfelt testimonial commercial for Mastercard. The ad aims to portray the vibrant Argentine culture and its deep-seated affinity for soccer. Project casting teamed up with renowned directors and O’Haver + Company Casting to produce this project.

The commercial seeks to convey the real-life stories of small business owners of Argentine origin, with the bustling city of New York providing the perfect backdrop for the shoot slated for May 17 and June 25.

Key Role Requirements

Applicant qualifications are quite straightforward. Notably, successful candidates need to meet the following criteria:

Eligibility: Candidates should own small businesses within New York or its environs.
Cultural Connection: They should have a tangible connection to Argentine culture, either by descent or passionate interest.
Business Requisites: Their businesses ought to accept Mastercard.
Interests: A significant attachment to soccer or Argentine National Team is preferable.
Language: Fluency in Spanish is essential for the role.

How to Apply

Eager applicants should visit the Project Casting website to submit their applications. Submissions should include headshots, brief resumes, and, if possible, a reel showcasing their ties to Argentine culture. The deadline for applications is May 1, with auditions soon after.

Benefits of Joining the Project

Joining this Mastercard commercial project brings a host of benefits. Besides offering exposure to your business, the project provides an opportunity to work with esteemed industry professionals. Moreover, it welcomes business owners to tell their unique stories and celebrate their Argentine heritage.

Showcase Your Argentine Spirit

If the outlined criteria fit your profile, Project Casting encourages you to apply. The platform is eager to highlight your Argentine roots and your successful business. This initiative goes beyond being a mere casting call—it’s a vibrant display of culture and community.

The project team is excited about the varied talents, experiences, and stories applicants will bring. For further clarifications, consult their FAQ page or reach out to their customer support team.

The project is a unique platform to bring the Argentine spirit to life through a commercial for Mastercard. Apply today and be part of this incredible initiative.

The MASTERCARD Commercial Casting Call is now open.

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog


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