Upcoming TV Series Casting Call: Exciting Opportunities for Young Deaf and Hard of Hearing Actors

A Unique Opportunity Beckons

Project Casting, notable as a trusted conduit linking talent to the entertainment industry, has published the details of a unique casting call. This particular call is focused on discovering young, deaf or hard of hearing actors for a budding TV series. Whether a novice child actor or an experienced performer, this platform can springboard your career.

Casting Call Specifics

Harkin & Toth Casting is on the search for distinct talents for an impending TV series. To be filmed in the United Kingdom, the project is keen on casting young hearing-impaired actors. As an encouraging platform, the production promises a rich, inclusive and supporting environment.

While the director and renowned cast members’ identity remains a secret, the project hints at leaving a remarkable imprint on the audience. The production timeline is slated from May through August 2024.

Role Descriptions

The casting aims to fill in three key roles. The character ‘Young Brennan’ should ideally be a male, aged 10-12 years, of white ethnicity and hearing impaired. Candidates should have some fluency in sign language.

‘Young Ray’ also requires a boy of Middle Eastern heritage, aged 10-12 years. The candidate should be deaf or hard of hearing with familiarity in sign language.

The last character ‘Young Miri’ is for a girl, aged 8-12 years, who is white and hearing impaired, with fluent signing skills.

Application Guidelines

Interested individuals can apply by submitting a headshot, updated resume, and a reel showcasing their acting prowess. Candidates under 18 require parental or guardian consent for applying. All submissions should highlight sign language proficiency and acting experience. The deadline to send in applications is the 30th of April 2024, with audition dates soon to follow.

Why Engage in This Venture

This TV series isn’t just about acting. It serves as a unique opportunity, emphasizing diversity and celebrating young talent. Emerging actors capture significant exposure working with industry experts. Previous participants and creators testify to the enriching experience of being part of Harkin & Toth managed sets.

Your Call to Action

If you’re a young hearing-impaired actor yearning for a big break, consider applying. Dive into the application details on Project Casting and submit your paperwork today.

A Final Note

We eagerly anticipate the talent and diversity to be curated for this novel TV series. For further details, contact Harkin & Toth Casting directly or visit the FAQ page on the Project Casting website. We look forward to receiving your applications and being part of your journey to stardom.

In Conclusion

Project Casting is your gateway to opportunities in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s a casting call for an upcoming Netflix series or a commercial for an esteemed resort, stay tuned for more exciting announcements. This platform is dedicated to connecting the stars of tomorrow with the right opportunities to shine brightly. So remember, if you have the talent and the drive to succeed, every casting call could be your big break. Act now, the world is eager to watch your performance.

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