97th Academy Awards Unveils New Rules Altering Best Picture Criteria

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has declared a set of revised regulations for the 97th Academy Awards. These rules are set to drastically alter the traditional means of competing for the coveted golden statue in the film fraternity.

New Era of Academy Award Regulations

It appears the transition from the Covid-era guidelines to the new era of proposed Academy Award regulations will eradicate drive-in theaters from the valid commercial markets. This change will particularly impact major categories, which include Best Picture, Animated Feature, International Feature Film, Original Score, and writing categories.

The most significant change involves an expanded theatrical run stipulation set to seven days – in succession or not – within a limit of 45 days from the film’s initial release in 2024. This mandated theatrical run should occur in a minimum of 10 of the top 50 U.S. markets.

Stringent Measures for Late Film Releases

For films launched late in the year, that expand beyond January 10, 2025, distributors must submit their release plans to the academy for approval. These plans must detail an increased theatrical run strategy and ensure that launches occur before January 24, 2025.

International Markets Gain Recognition

In an unprecedented shift, non-U.S. territory releases can now contribute towards two of the ten required markets. These eligible markets include the top 15 international theatrical markets, along with the film’s native territory.

Top U.S. Metropolitan Areas Rise as Oscar Contenders

Replacing Miami as one of the key Oscar contender hosts is the bustling city of Dallas. Atlanta, New York City, Bay Area, Los Angeles County, and Chicago will join Dallas. Films released within the period of January 1 to December 31 are eligible contenders for next year’s award.

Category Adjustments Promote Increased Submissions

In the Animated Feature category, a new rule allows films previously submitted in the International Feature Film category to qualify, given they meet the eligibility criteria outlined for both categories. This change could potentially boost entries in the animated feature category.

Dates for International Feature Film Category Announced

The International Feature Film category has now set its eligibility period from November 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024.

Redefining the Music (Original Score) Category

The Original Score category allows three composers to separately receive awards if they collectively contributed to the score – a departure from the previous requirement of submitting as a group. This rule adjustment broadens the definition of a group to include recognized bands. Additionally, the shortlist for this category has expanded from 15 to 20 titles.

Alterations to Writing Categories

A significant shift in writing categories requires a final shooting script for submission, ensuring only well-polished works enter the competition.

Getting Ready for a New Oscar Era

With the 97th Academy Awards slated for March 2, 2025, Hollywood needs to brace for impact to adapt swiftly to these revamped rules. As we await this grand ceremony, spectators and opinion makers in the film industry wonder if these changes will make the Oscars more appealing or if further adaptations could boost viewership.

While these rule modifications chart a fresh path for the Academy Awards, only time will ascertain if they enhance or complicate the process. As the world prepares for the 2025 ceremony, we keenly observe how the Academy grapples with these unique changes.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that the Academy Awards are evolving. How these changes will impact competition, inclusivity, and the overall show will only be revealed in the next race. As we anticipate the 2025 ceremony, we sit in eager expectation of the unfolding drama in the world’s most prestigious film awards.

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