Netflix’s Upcoming Show ‘Gary, The Dog’ Holds Open Casting Call for Basketball Fans

Attention all basketball enthusiasts! The next breakout series on Netflix titled ‘Gary, The Dog’ is holding an open casting call for vibrant and energetic basketball fans. Interestingly, this series brings together humor, heart, and sportsmanship to the small screen and you could be a part of it!

What ‘Gary, The Dog’ is Seeking

The casting directors are on the hunt for lively fans to fill basketball game scenes to be filmed in Austin, Texas. This is your golden chance to be part of a Netflix series and portray the spirit of sports fandom on screen. As part of the crowd, you’ll be expected to show diverse emotions and reactions to different game moments as guided by the director.

Emphasizing Authenticity and Enthusiasm in Filming

Being part of the scenes means fully engaging in the filming process. Your cheerfulness, excitement and overall game excitement will contribute to the authenticity and realism of the scene. Consequently, energy and enthusiasm are key to nailing this role.

Reporting on Set and Following Directions

Punctuality is an essential aspect of any filming set. All cast members must show up at the scheduled times ready to perform their parts. Likewise, adherence to assigned wardrobe instructions from the costume department is required to ensure the scenes appear as authentic as possible.

The Energy Goes Beyond the Camera

Maintaining high energy levels during multiple takes is crucial. Cooperation with fellow extras and crew members is also a requirement to create a convincing crowd environment that speaks to all basketball fans watching the series.

Casting Requirements and Expectations

To apply for the casting, you must be 18 years old or above. A clear interest in basketball is necessary, with comfort portraying fandom. You should be prepared to stand and cheer for extended periods, mirroring the energy of an actual basketball game. Having reliable transportation to get to the set location in Austin, Texas is also mandatory.

Availability and Experience

Flexibility is crucial when working on a TV series set. Consequently, you should be available for all shooting dates and be ready to adjust to any schedule changes. Prior experience as an extra is a plus, though not a necessity for application.

Compensation Details

In return for the energy, time, and dedication, a compensation of $100 per day plus meals is provided. So not only will you be part of a potentially acclaimed television series, but you will also be recompensed for your time and efforts.

Applying for the Role

To submit your application, simply join Project Casting to access this and other roles you can apply for instantly. This could be just the break you’ve been waiting for in your journey to being part of groundbreaking TV series. So dust off your cheer voices, get in the basketball mood, and apply today!


To sum up, ‘Gary, The Dog’ invites basketball enthusiasts to take part in its upcoming series. Remember, not only is this a chance to be part of a novel series, but also a great opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of a production set, make new friends, and create amazing memories.

In the world of acting and modeling, such opportunities don’t come often. Hence, make sure to jump on this one before the buzzer sounds! It’s showtime, basketball fans!

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