Casting Call Announced: Seeking Extras as Concert Goers for Feature Film in New Jersey

A grand opportunity has just knocked at the door of aspiring performers in North New Jersey. A casting call has been opened for individuals who can convincingly take on the role of concertgoers for an upcoming period feature film. Operated by Grant Wilfley Casting Inc., this opportunity encourages talent from all ages and ethnicities.

Key Details About the Casting Call

The casting is opened for actors, models, or anyone who possesses an interest in showcasing their talent on the big screen. The selected individuals will be a part of different outdoor scenes, shot under varying weather conditions.

Stepping into the shoes of a concert goer does come with its challenges. It demands an authentic look from a particular era, which means participants might be expected to undergo period-appropriate haircuts and grooming. Flexibility is key in this role, as one might have to work in diverse weather scenarios and around artificial smoke.

Preparing for the Role

The process isn’t about just turning up for the shoot. It starts much before the filming day and involves attending costume fittings and a hair-styling preparation routine. All this is coordinated and scheduled prior to the shoot dates.

Maintaining a professional demeanor on the set is essential. Actors are expected to follow instructions diligently, right from the director and the rest of the film crew.

Requirements for the Role

The casting call has laid down some specific requirements for this role. One should have availability during all tentative shoot dates and a costume fitting prior to the shooting days. Being comfortable working in outdoor settings is a must considering locations might include busy streets, parks, or theatres.

Participants should not have an allergy to wool, as the period costumes may include it. In addition, individuals must be willing to receive a period-appropriate haircut and be clean-shaven. This would create the authentic look that’s desired, reflecting the particular era the story is set in. And of course, they should be legally eligible to work in the U.S.

Compensation Details

As for the payment, it all depends on whether the participant is a member of SAG-AFTRA, the prominent actors union in the U.S. Members can expect to earn around $208 for an 8-hour shift. For Non-SAG-AFTRA members, it will be slightly less at $176 for a 10-hour shift, which breaks down to $16 per hour. Despite the difference, it’s a great opportunity for everyone as the experience of being part of a feature film is priceless.

How to Apply

If this opportunity seems appealing, it is very easy to apply. Simply join Project Casting and access numerous jobs available for applications. It’s a simple step that can open up a world of opportunities and a chance to fulfill your acting career dreams.

In Conclusion

Project Casting offers a platform where aspiring actors can find the perfect opportunities. This casting call announcement for concertgoers in a feature film is another instance of such a chance. Now it’s up to interested individuals to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. So, it’s time to press the ‘apply now’ button and take that first step towards your acting career.

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