Casting Call for Chef Role in Netflix’s ‘Gary, The Dog’ in Brooklyn

Netflix’s upcoming project ‘Gary, The Dog’, is searching for a passionate and talented prep chef to feature in scenes filmed in Brooklyn, NY. The casting directors are turning their attention to actors, models, and skilled culinary professionals who can bring their unique touch to this eye-catching role.

Role Description: A Talented Prep Chef

The coveted role requires a talented prep chef who can complement the production team with their cooking expertise. The selected candidate will be showcased in an authentic kitchen setting, preparing appetizing dishes with electable precision. Applicants should be familiar with various cooking techniques and should have an unequivocal commitment to presentation detail.

Job Expectations for the Selected Chef

The chosen chef will work under the guiding hand of the production team, preparing ingredients and cooking meals fitting for the scenes. They will showcase their techniques and culinary flair on camera, possibly narrating the cooking process when needed. A seamless collaboration with the director and production team is essential to meeting scene requirements. Maintaining the aesthetics of the prepared food is just as crucial, requiring a keen eye for presentation and detail.

Pre-Requirements for the Role

Candidates are expected to be members of SAG-AFTRA or open to working under a SAG New Media contract. Proven experience as a prep chef, substantial knowledge of cooking methods, and fluency with kitchen equipment are a must. Comfort in a fast-paced environment, an ability to follow directed instructions closely, along with the knack to work well under filming pressure, are also part of the job requirements.

The chef role in ‘Gary, The Dog’ mandates candidates to be available for fittings and filming on already decided dates in Brooklyn, NY. As per the casting call, applicants should disregard factors such as age, sex, ethnicity, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity during the application process.

Remuneration Details

The prep chef role comes with a special ability rate of $218 for an eight-hour workday as per SAG standards. The fitting date is slated for Wednesday, April 17th, with pay including a quarter check of the day rate for a maximum of two hours of fitting service. The work dates are decided as Thursday, May 2nd, and Thursday, May 9th.

The Journey to Becoming a Netflix Star

Aspiring chefs eyeing stardom on Netflix’s showcase platform can use this opportunity to get a foot in the door. With challenging responsibilities and the chance to demonstrate culinary skills to a global audience, this role promises a one-of-a-kind experience for the right talent.

Recent Casting Calls

Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’, season 6, is actively scouting for fresh faces in Atlanta, Georgia. Offering suitable roles for various skills, it promises an exciting opportunity. Similarly, season 2 of ‘Mayfair Witches’ is calling for auditions as the series continues filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. A casting call for a Wyndham Resort Commercial promising $1500 pay has also been announced recently.

In short, the entertainment world is brimming with opportunities for talented individuals. Who knows, the role of the prep chef in ‘Gary, The Dog’ could be your ticket to fun, fame, and an enriching experience in this dynamic industry.

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