Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ Open Casting Call in Glorieta, New Mexico

Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ production is in the fast lane to fill up roles! The movie is seeking background extras in Glorieta, New Mexico, as part of an exciting casting call. This is a unique opportunity for new and experienced talent, including actors and models, who are interested in gaining hands-on experience working on a film set.

Background Extras Needed for New Disney Film

The ‘Jiminy’ production team is seeking background extras for the feature film, scheduled for shooting in Glorieta. Participants can get a chance to immerse themselves in the film-making world, an incredible behind-the-scenes experience. The experience will not only enhance their skill set but also will be expected to contribute to the authenticity and richness of the scenes.

Calling Drivers! You can be a Star!

The particular roles the casting team is looking for include drivers with their cars, campers, or RVs. In these roles, the extras are expected to follow the director and crew’s guidance, simulating realistic scenarios. Extras might portray pedestrians, townsfolk, or incidental traffic. Additional fees will be provided to those who bring their vehicles to be used on camera.


As an extra, your main responsibility is to act in the background and adhere to the director and crew’s directions. Expected to be available for long shooting days, participants must be ready to adapt to changing call times. Professionalism and discipline are key expectations on such a busy and dynamic set.

Commitment and Requirements

The requirements are crafted to ensure smooth operation of the shoot and to respect participants’ time. The prospective extras must have transportation as no transportation or accommodation service will be provided. Full availability for two specified dates in April is also a necessity.

Prospective background extras must also own a vehicle that can be used on camera. Whether it’s a car, an RV, or a camper, if deemed suitable, the vehicle could win you spare cash!

Compensation for ‘Jiminy’ Extras

Of course, your hard work and time will be remunerated! For an eight-hour workday, the standard compensation is $117, with overtime paid at one and a half rates beyond the eight hours. The workday typically extends up to approximately 12 hours. If you are booked with a car, there’s an additional $25/day, while an RV gets an impressive $100/day bonus.

Get Started Now!

So, if you are located near Glorieta, New Mexico, and ever fancied being part of a Disney production, now is your chance! Register with Project Casting for access to the application and other job opportunities right away. Grab this chance to get a peek into the world of film production, gain valuable experience, and perhaps broaden your career horizons. Remember, every significant accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Grab the opportunity and apply now for the casting call of Disney’s ‘Jiminy’. A once-in-lifetime experience awaits you!

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/disneys-jiminy-casting-call-for-drivers/


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