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Title: “Denver Broncos Embrace Former Oregon QB Bo Nix, While Spencer Rattler’s Past Leads to NFL Draft Slide”

Key Takeaways:

* The Denver Broncos selected Oregon’s Bo Nix as their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
* Had Nix been unavailable, the Broncos were prepared to select Spencer Rattler, former QB of South Carolina.
* Rattler’s fall in the draft is attributed partly to his not-so-positive portrayal on a reality TV show, “QB1: Beyond The Lights.”

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The Denver Broncos’ pursuit of a new quarterback during the 2024 NFL Draft was met with intrigue, as the team drew its first-round focus on Oregon’s Bo Nix. However, details about their strategic plan and the alternate candidate, Spencer Rattler, have sparked conversation within the football community.

Denver Goes The Nix Way

In an elaborate yet secretive process, the Broncos put their faith in Nix, selecting him as the No. 12 overall pick of this year’s draft. This decision came after a concerted effort by Head Coach Sean Payton to keep rival teams off their trail. According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, Payton did not disclose the complete quarterback draft board to maintain secrecy, ready to switch gears if Nix hadn’t been available.

Rattler as The Broncos Backup Draft Plan

ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed Spencer Rattler as the backup plan, asserting that both the Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons had shown considerable interest in the former South Carolina QB. However, Nix’s selection by the Broncos and Michael Penix by the Falcons at No. 8 led to Rattler’s drop in status, much against the expectations of many.

“He might have been the one touted as the future had the Broncos not landed Nix in the draft,” Schefter shared on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

Reality TV Show Played Part in Rattler’s Draft Fall

Interestingly, Rattler’s plummet in the draft wasn’t due to lack of talent or performance. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport attributes some of the slide to Rattler’s appearance on the Netflix Documentary, “QB1: Beyond The Lights.”

The episode showcasing Rattler aired during his high school years. His portrayal on the show motivated several teams to reassess their consideration of him as a potential draft. However, his coaches at South Carolina vouched for his maturity and improvement during his time on campus.

Rattler’s Collegiate Journey and Lessons

Despite the tarnished image from the reality show, Rattler had a commendable college football career. Before he was picked up by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round, he was viewed favorably.

Rattler was ranked the 29th overall prospect and No. 1 at his position in his high school class, beating Jayden Daniels of LSU, the future Heisman winner and No. 2 overall pick by the Washington Commanders.

He bore the weight of expectation, having been second behind former Commanders and current Seattle Seahawks quarterback Sam Howell on Chase Goodbread’s 2021 Heisman watch list for

However, his journey had its stumbling blocks. Despite being with the Oklahoma Sooners then, he lost his position to Caleb Williams, the 2022 Heisman Winner and this year’s No. 1 pick by the Chicago Bears. The experiences affirm the unpredictability and competitiveness inherent to professional football.

In conclusion, the 2024 NFL Draft has once again played out the drama and suspense that intertwines talent and reputation in the world of American football. As the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints move forward with their chosen players, one can only anticipate the potential each will unleash in the coming seasons.


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