Eagles Boost Offense, Picking Clemson’s Will Shipley in 2024 NFL Draft

Key Takeaways:

– Philadelphia Eagles made multiple third and fourth-round trades in the 2024 NFL Draft and finally picked Clemson’s running back Will Shipley at No. 127
– Shipley had an impressive college career, posting over 2,700 yards and 31 touchdowns in three seasons at Clemson
– The player will add diversity to the offensive line-up, playing alongside free agent Saquon Barkley
– NFL experts praise Shipley’s versatility and speed as a running back

The Philadelphia Eagles navigated numerous trades in the third and fourth rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft to eventually secure Clemson running back Will Shipley. The move occurred during the weekend’s action, with Shipley securing the overall selection spot No. 127.

A Closer Look at Will Shipley

Shipley, standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 210 pounds, exhibits an impressive track record. His record boasts 526 carries amounting to 2,748 yards and an impressive 31 touchdowns across three seasons during his tenure at Clemson. According to Lance Zierlein from NFL Media, Shipley demonstrates remarkable versatility as a runner while also boasting talent as a receiver and kick returner.

In Philadelphia, Shipley will have the opportunity to hone his skills as a change-of-pace back alongside newly acquired free agent, Saquon Barkley. Having caught 85 passes during his college career, his 7 yards per reception average, and two-touchdown passes underpin his potential in aiding the team’s offense. The partnership between Shipley and Barkley could open doors for inventive strategies in the passing game.

Measuring Shipley’s Strengths

While not singled out as the shiftiest prospect in the running back class, Shipley’s ability to evade contact in open play emerges as a crucial attribute. Pro Football Focus confirms this, highlighting that Shipley managed to evade 27 tackles and post a total of 487 yards after the initial contact last year. Shipley’s quick decision-making and bursts of speed make him an efficient runner who can quickly cover significant yardage while generating explosive gains.

Despite his impressive receiving skills and soft-hand catches, Shipley’s role on passing downs remains a mixed bag. Experts like The Bleacher Report Scouting Department see the player needing more experience to bolster his strength in pass protection.

The Eagles’ 2024 NFL Draft Strategy

During the first two days of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Eagles chiefly focused on bolstering their defense, adding talent such as Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean. However, when the No. 94 overall selection came up in Round 3, their focus shifted to offense. Still, Eagles’ general manager, Howie Roseman, noted that this wasn’t a conscious strategy but rather a reflection of how the board fell during the first two days of the draft.

According to Roseman, the Eagles maintained a patient approach during their initial selection, though they later opted for a more aggressive strategy in the third round. The team’s selection in the subsequent rounds aimed to accumulate picks for Sunday’s lineup.

DeJean and Mitchell, the newly recruited cornerbacks, may not immediately start as rookies, but they are undoubtedly the cornerstone of Eagles’ future. If veterans James Bradberry and Darius Slay fail to impress in 2024 as they did at the end of 2023, these fresh recruits promise invigorating reinforcement.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ recent track record is far from timid. Their calculated approach to the 2024 NFL Draft, characterized by strategic trading and eventual selection of talented players like Shipley, highlights their commitment to bolstering both offensive and defensive capacity – a strategy that holds promise for the upcoming season.


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