Fiona Harvey Addresses Misidentification as ‘Baby Reindeer’ Stalker Character

Key Takeaways:

– Fiona Harvey distances herself from the Netflix series ‘Baby Reindeer’
– She strongly denies that she is the stalker character Martha Scott
– Harvey raises the issue of online harassment following misidentification

Scottish woman Fiona Harvey has vocally dismissed claims that she is Martha Scott, the stalker character in Netflix’s new show “Baby Reindeer.” Despite various accusations, Harvey maintains her innocence and disassociates herself from the drama series.

The Persistent Denial

According to a deluge of Facebook posts, Harvey clearly states that she is not Martha Scott and is unrelated to Richard Gadd’s plays representing the series. “I am not Martha. I am Fiona,” Harvey posted. Despite her clarifications, online accusations have not ceased, resulting in her continuously suffering digital harassment.

The Misidentification Saga

Harvey was reportedly misidentified as Martha Scott in the publication, The Scottish Sun, and across social media platforms. The 58-year-old Scot vehemently denies this claim online, stating that she is not the “real Baby Reindeer.”

Meanwhile, the actual Martha Scott (kept anonymous) surfaced in an interview with the Daily Record, presenting herself as a victim of online trolls. Harvey acknowledged that the interview followed her conversation with the outlet, confessing that she had encountered Gadd in the past.

Understanding ‘Baby Reindeer’

The Netflix show, “Baby Reindeer,” created by comedian Richard Gadd, narrates a true story adapted from a one-person play. Plot elements include Gadd working as a bartender and his encounter with a law graduate named Martha Scott, who then starts inundating him with emails and voicemails. The dramatic narrative follows the unsettling progression of Martha’s initially friendly behavior into relentless stalking of the protagonist.

Harvey, however, refutes the veracity of the character on Facebook, asserting that Martha is a fictional character and not a real person.

Dealing with the Turmoil

Her professed location on Facebook is London, England, where she has been fervently denying any prior involvement in stalking incidents.

Harvey revealed that she has been approached by media representatives querying about the ‘Baby Reindeer’ series. She also hinted at possible legal action concerning the Netflix series, writing, “Netflix seem to be running scared of everyone’s lawyers re this Richard Gadd show.”

Adding to her problems, she disclosed that she had received death threats from Gadd’s supporters, despite only having met the comedian briefly a few years ago. She consistently reinforced her detachment from Gadd’s life and from the notorious character Martha Scott.

Unwanted Attention and Fear

Amidst the misjudgment, an old tweet from a Twitter account under Harvey’s name referencing Gadd was unearthed, sparking more speculation.

In her conversation with the Daily Record, the unidentified woman who claims to be the real Martha Scott voiced her concerns about being incorrectly identified due to the Netflix series’ portrayal. Being a victim of unwelcome attention, she had a poignant message for the perpetrators, urging them to focus on real-world responsibilities over obsessively binge-watching shows.

In the face of the turmoil, Harvey maintains her spirit, juggling her unrelenting denial of character affiliation and the repeatedly unfortunate occurrence of mistaken identity.


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