Isla Fisher Reflects on Humorously Embarrassing Set Incident with Parents

Fisher’s Notable Comedic Career

Famous Hollywood actress, Isla Fisher, known for her comedy roles in classics like ‘Wedding Crashers,’ ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ and ‘Hot Rod,’ carries an interesting memory from her career. This particular experience involves her then-spouse, notable comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, during the filming of their 2016 movie, ‘The Brothers Grimsby.’

The Comic Genius of Sacha Baron Cohen

Cohen’s unique brand of comedy became famous after his breakthrough role in the 2006 mockumentary, ‘Borat.’ His humor, often an unpredictable blend of strange entertainment, occasionally teeters on the edge of controversy, as illustrated in his 2012 film, ‘The Dictator.’ This comedic style is prominent in ‘The Brothers Grimsby,’ a film where Cohen and Mark Strong take the lead, and Fisher features in a supporting role. An unforgettable scene inspired by an infamous Jim Carrey moment from ‘Ace Venture: When Nature Calls’ is quite notable in this context.

Fisher’s Unforgettable Set Experience

The said scene involved Cohen’s character getting trapped in an animatronic elephant’s posterior while another elephant attempted to mate with it. Fisher, unaware of what the shooting schedule for the day included, invited her parents to the set. The result was an uncomfortably funny moment with her parents witnessing her husband emerging from an artificial elephant’s backside. Fisher, though able to laugh about it now, acknowledges its awkwardness. Sadly, the edgy humor of ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ didn’t resonate with a wider audience, resulting in poor box office performance and uneven reviews.

Post-Grimsby Controversies Come to Light

‘The Brothers Grimsby’ subsequently made headlines for other less pleasant reasons. Rebel Wilson, Fisher’s co-star, accused Cohen of forcing her to perform unsavoury acts for the film. Cohen’s representatives promptly denied the allegations. Nevertheless, speculations sparked up as Fisher and Cohen made public their decision to divorce a year after filing for it. This led to people wondering if perhaps Wilson’s accusations played a role in their split.

Despite the controversies surrounding it, ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ has been made available on AppleTV+ for streaming, finding a new audience. Fisher, meanwhile, has learned a valuable lesson about reading call sheets carefully before inviting family members to set visits.

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In conclusion, Isla Fisher’s hilarious experience during ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ shoot provides a funny yet valuable insight for actors inviting family members to their sets.

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