Marvel Teases X-Men ’97 Revival: Beau DeMayo’s Role, the MCU, and Future Speculations

Marvel’s X-Men ’97 is Returning

Marvel has stirred up excitement among its fanbase with the hint of a much-anticipated revival of the well-loved X-Men ’97. Originally aired in 1982, the iconic series lasted five exciting seasons. The reboot promises to pick up where the story left off almost three decades ago, rekindling interests and nostalgic feels for the celebrated mutant saga.

Beau DeMayo’s Significant Contribution

Key to the revived series’ success, Beau DeMayo’s creative prowess shouldn’t be overlooked. As the writer-producer of the show’s first season, DeMayo has been instrumental in delivering a cinematic reprise and captivating narrative that appeals to old and new fans alike. Moon Knight and Blade’s scripts bear his creative mark, adding brilliance to his professional portfolio. Furthermore, he also handled X-Men ’97’s second season’s writing duties.

An Unexpected Setback

The premiere of X-Men ’97 on March 13, 2024, was laden with anticipations. However, a surprise development threw fans off balance. Marvel and DeMayo’s abrupt end of collaboration, without clear explanations, resulted in waves of discussions on online platforms.

The Question of the Future Writer

Recent updates suggest that Marvel is nearing the selection of another writer for an upcoming live-action reboot of an X-Men film. This development has stirred opinions on social media, with fans rallying behind DeMayo. His adoration, marked by an outpouring of tweets celebrating his contributions, underscores the fandom’s wish for him to resume his role.

Why Fans Adore Beau DeMayo

How did DeMayo win over fans? His expert direction of the animated series captured their hearts. By reproducing the original show’s animation style, he managed to channel nostalgia while maintaining an engrossing storyline that made the reboot an unputdownable watch.

Potential Inclusion in MCU Canon

Marvel’s win with X-Men ’97 extends its impacts into the broader MCU universe. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is currently considering introducing the series to the MCU canon, a revelation confirmed in a recent interview with series director Emi Yonemura. This disclosure has sparked further curiosity among fans.

The Notion of Co-existing Universes

Jake Castorena, the chief director of the show, voiced his opinion on this matter. He proposed that the animated series and live-action movies should remain independent, facilitating unique experiences in both formats for the fanbase. This perspective seems to align with the general sentiment of X-Men fanatics who desire the continuity of the franchise in various formats.

X-Men ’97: A Streaming Hit

Regardless of the debates concerning its ties with the MCU, X-Men ’97 has been a hit with viewers. With a whopping score of 98% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, it remains one of the leading animated shows to stream on Disney+.

In Conclusion

Fans adamantly hope for Beau DeMayo’s return to the X-Men franchise. As the demonstrated creative force in X-Men ’97, fans look forward to his potential role in the upcoming live-action reboot. With all these developments, fans are eagerly awaiting the next exciting phase of this timeless franchise.

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