NBA’s Last 2 Minute Report Accuses Incorrect Non-Calls in Knicks’ Game 2 Victory

Key Takeaways:

– The NBA’s Last 2 Minute Report found four wrong non-calls during the New York Knicks’ 104-101 win against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 2.
– Three of these incorrect non-calls were directed against the Knicks.
– Two fouls were overlooked against the Sixers’ star player, Tyrese Maxey leading to the Knicks’ miraculous victory.
– The Sixers have filed a grievance against the NBA over the quality of officiating during the series.
– NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson applauded Isaiah Hartenstein for his excellent performance.


NBA Last Call: Missing Fouls and Took Knicks to Victory

The NBA’s Last 2 Minute Report, which inspects the last two minutes of close games, has exposed a significant break that the New York Knicks caught in their Game 2 win against the Philadelphia 76ers. The report pointed out four incorrect non-calls, three pitted against the Knicks, which should have been called against Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart during the play leading to Donte DiVincenzo’s game-winning 3-point for the Knicks.

In the said play, Brunson was seen grabbing Tyrese Maxey’s jersey in the inbound. Following this, Josh Hart bumped into Maxey causing the Sixers’ guard to lose his balance. Despite the missed calls, Josh Hart seemed unfazed, emphasizing that at such points, the team has nothing to lose and have to get as physical as possible.

Sixers’ Grievance Against NBA

This controversial game sparked rage among the Sixers, leading to them filing a grievance with the NBA. Sixers’ Joel Embiid called the situation unacceptable, referring to identical officiating issues with Miami involving Tyler Herro. He expressed his displeasure about losing the game such way, particularly in playoffs.

Both Sixers’ coach, Nick Nurse, and their players stand irate over the referees repeatedly overlooking Nurse’s timeout call offering the Knicks a chance to steal the ball. Nurse iterated his frustration to reporters claiming the referee ignored his timeout calls.

A Performance Worth The Game

While Knicks’ Isaiah Hartenstein is receiving acclamation for his brave play. Basketball legend, Magic Johnson used Twitter to express his delight over Hartenstein’s stirring 14-point, 8-rebound performance, leading to Knicks’ victory. Johnson named Hartenstein the “hero of the Knicks,” applauding his offensive rebound that ignited the crucial 3-pointer and the block that secured their victory.

Hartenstein didn’t let his disappointing performance in Game 1 deter him. In Game 2, he battled Embiid head to head showing a remarkable transformation.

Coach Tom ThibodeauApplauded

Simultaneously, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau deserves recognition for leading the Knicks to a 2-0 series lead, despite Brunson’s shooting being under 30% in the initial games. Two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith appreciated Thibodeau’s efforts. He mentioned that coach Thibodeau had brought in an exceptional system letting the Knicks flourish no matter the outcome.

Looking at the upcoming games, it will be interesting to see how this fascinating series unfolds. With key players stepping up, smart coaching moves, and reigning controversies, these playoffs offer a perfect blend of drama and sports. Both teams are under immense pressure, and fans are eager to witness the action unfold!


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