Paramount Plus Series Seeks Male Stand-In Talent in Austin, Texas

The thriving entertainment industry in Austin is presenting an enticing opportunity for male actors seeking their next big break. A forthcoming series on the popular streaming platform, Paramount Plus, just announced a casting call for male stand-ins for their production in Austin, Texas.

Role Identification and Duties

The key role under search is a male stand-in character for an up-and-coming Paramount Plus series. This significant role calls for the stand-in to be on-set ready to assist the production team with tasks like adjusting lighting, configuring camera setup, and participating in rehearsals. Essentially, the stand-in takes on the position of the actor when it’s necessary.

Job Responsibilities Explained

The role’s essential duties demand that the stand-in steps into actors’ shoes during scene preparations. This will aid the cinematography and lighting teams in preparing the scene perfectly. Following the director’s instructions and the cinematography team’s insights to the letter is vital. Consistency during performance and placement during numerous takes is also an important expectation.

The ideal candidate should be punctual, professional, and prepared for long durations of standing and minor physical exertion based on the scene setup. Exceptional time management skills and adaptability to unexpected situation changes on the set are a must.

What is the Ideal Candidate Profile?

The right fit for the role is a male in his 20s to 30s, Latino, and standing between 5’9” and 5’11” in height. The candidate must have the ability to follow precise instructions. Prior experience as a stand-in or a background actor is preferable but not compulsory, making this role an excellent opportunity for newcomers in the industry.

The Compensation

The chosen candidate receives an attractive compensation of $200 per 12-hour interval. It’s a guaranteed payment, making it a substantial opportunity for those stepping into the world of acting or seeking consistent earnings in a creative field.

How to Apply?

To apply for this promising role, you need to join Project Casting. Post joining, you can access an array of job applications, including this one.

To Conclude

In essence, this casting call puts Austin, Texas, on the map once again as a hotspot for film and television production. It’s an opportune moment for aspiring male actors to take a leap into an exhilarating creative world. Keep in mind; this isn’t just a job; it’s a significant step towards possible acting roles, experiencing a professional set, and rubbing shoulders with industry experts. Whether you’re an experienced stand-in or a newbie, this opportunity’s professional exposure and handsome compensation alone make it worth considering. Apply now, and let your journey into the world of entertainment begin!

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