Streetwear Brand Casting Call in LA to Cast Local Talent

The City of Angels welcomes an opportunity for budding models and talented individuals, as casting directors are on the hunt for actors for some captivating scenes in Los Angeles, CA. This event follows an announcement citing a screenshoot for a prominent streetwear label based out of Los Angeles. The forecast is appealing for two individuals with a peculiar similarity in their appearance and style to resemble siblings or close pals.

Casting Call Details

A top-tier Los Angeles-based streetwear brand is currently recruiting two individuals to model for a forthcoming campaign. The prime requirement is a distinct resemblance between the chosen pair, akin to siblings or close friends in both appearance and style.

Role Description and Expectations

The appointees will partake in a professional photo shoot scheduled for a predetermined date. The responsibility includes wearing an assortment of streetwear supplied by the brand and conforming to the directives for various stances and shots.

The recruits are necessitated to collaborate with photographers, stylists, and directors as part of achieving the desired projection for the campaign. Professional behaviour and work ethics throughout the shoot are fundamental requirements for this assignment.

Eligibility and Preferences

The requirements for this casting call are fairly clear. Individuals aged between 18-25 years are the target recruits, specifically those of Black/African American ethnicity as the campaign is keen on this representation. The contestants should have a natural leaning towards streetwear fashion.

The preferred applicants should be available for the photoshoot slated for April 19th. An open mind and readiness to adhere to styling and instructions given by the creative team is also expected. The search is on for two applicants who bear a close resemblance to each other, closely resembling siblings or close friends.

Payment and Compensation Details

This role is a paid opportunity. The details of remuneration will be disclosed upon approval of the application. It is promised that the compensation will be competitive, adhering to industry standards. Payments will be rendered right after the photo shoot.

Apply Now for this Chance

This casting call is an unmatched chance for aspiring talent to make their mark in the streetwear fashion industry. Application registration can be done through Project Casting, which provides access to jobs you can instantly apply for.

Other Casting Opportunities by Project Casting

Project Casting also offers numerous other casting opportunities and auditions. Recently, they have announced call to casting for Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 and ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2.

For those interested in commercial work, there is an ongoing casting call for a Wyndham Resort Commercial featuring a payment of $1500. Project Casting provides a hassle-free method to link talents with the right job opportunities in the world of entertainment.

To sum it up, a thrilling opportunity has knocked on the doors for talented, aspiring individuals in LA. Not only does it offer a chance to work with an eminent streetwear brand, but also proves a nifty paycheck. Hurry and answer this call to set foot in the fashion world!

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