Taylor Sheridan Chronicles Challenges Beverly Pitching ‘Yellowstone’ Amid Western Genre Downturn

Pitching Yellowstone In Declining Western Genre Era

Acclaimed TV show creator Taylor Sheridan has candidly discussed the trials he underwent in the process of pitching his hit show, Yellowstone. Western genre was facing a setback in the 2010s, which Sheridan perceived as a daunting challenge when trying to gain support from various studios and networks.

A Look Back at Booming Westerns

From the 1950s to the late 1970s, Westerns held a position of prominence. Esteemed directors, like John Ford and Sergio Leone, were at the helm of this movement. They gave the world mesmerizing narratives and a unique style that thoroughly captivated audiences. However, as the early 2000s approached, the dominant genre started fading. Fewer Western movies graced the big screen, casting doubts about the genre’s relevance in contemporary times.

Sheridan’s Struggles Amid Western Genre’s Diminishing Appeal

Sheridan, who kickstarted his writing journey with Sicario in 2015 while simultaneously developing Yellowstone, found it tough to persuade studios. They were hesitant to give the green signal, wary of the genre’s fading charm.

Sheridan’s Reaction to Western Genre’s ‘Demise’

The Western genre suffered a setback in the 2010s while being declared ‘dead’ by Hollywood. Sheridan points at the underperformance of recent Western releases as the principal reason that led to this verdict. However, Sheridan disagreed, suggesting that the quick conclusion about the genre’s downfall was a result of a string of poorly made Western movies.

Paramount’s Bountiful Yellowstone Gamble

Paramount Network, under the leadership of Chris McCarthy, recognized the potential in Sheridan’s idea for Yellowstone. McCarthy viewed the show as a unique narrative, displaying complexity, and decided to invest in it. The risk paid off, turning Yellowstone, fronted by Kevin Costner, into a flagship show for the network, which viewers admired.

Sheridan’s New Venture ‘Landman’ Ditches Traditional Western Themes

Sheridan, who is enjoying the triumph of Yellowstone and its further extensions, 1883 and 1923, is now embarking on a new project away from his usual Western genre. The forthcoming show on Paramount+, dubbed Landman, will bring together stars such as Jon Hamm, Billy Bob Thornton, Demi Moore, and Ali Larter. The narrative will focus on the hunt for fortunes in oil rigging, veering away from the theme of cowboys and farms.

An Array of Content in the Pipeline for Sheridan

As the successful run of Yellowstone proceeds, Sheridan’s scheduled portfolio continues to expand. With Landman slated for a premiere next year and the concluding segments of Yellowstone to be filmed, plus the sequels to 1923 and Tulsa King, Sheridan is indeed kept on his toes.

Recap: Sheridan’s Influence in Rediscovering Westerns

Sheridan’s resilience amidst skepticism that overlooked the potential of a ‘dead’ genre deserves notable mention in hindsight. Yellowstone, exclusively available for streaming on Paramount+, is a testament to his unwavering commitment and originality in storytelling. With Landman and more on the slate, Sheridan’s knack for gripping narratives promises a constant treat for audiences.

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