X-Men ’97 Gets Multiple Season Run Ahead

Marvel Delivers Hit with X-Men ’97

Marvel Studios’ sequel series, X-Men ’97, has become an immense success. Building on this momentum, the studio has announced plans to extend the popular series with multiple seasons in line. While confirming the development of the third season, producer Brad Winderbaum elevated the show into a league of a few select Marvel series to reach this milestone, the first being ‘What If…?’

Tracking the Triumph of X-Men ’97

X-Men ’97 successfully carried forward the legacy of its progenitor, the X-Men: The Animated Series from 1992. The series captured fan interest with its engaging narrative arc, which shed light on character Cable’s origins, saw the downfall of Magneto and Gambit, and ended with the formation of an alliance between Storm and Forge in the show’s seventh episode.

In an interview, Winderbaum reassured fans about the show’s future. He reassured everyone that the second season’s production is rolling as planned, and that preparations for the third season have commenced. This decision stands to further emulate the accomplishment of ‘What If…?’, another Marvel series which saw three consecutive seasons.

Crucial Missing Link – Beau DeMayo

However, amidst this exciting revelation, an undercurrent of worry has swept through the fanbase. Their primary concern is starkly different from the usual euphoria that follows such updates. They are asking Marvel to bring back the series’ ex-showrunner, Beau DeMayo, before they set sails for the upcoming seasons. Midway, DeMayo exited the project under unclear circumstances, a move that raised a storm of questions regarding the continuation of the series’ quality.

DeMayo, known for his adept touch in maintaining a robust link between the show and its original ’90s counterpart, suddenly vanished like a ghost. The abruptness of his departure and his disappearance from social media platforms, which he actively used for providing X-Men updates, created a palpable void. This raised fans’ concern, leading to an outcry for his return.

Reactions to DeMayo’s Departure

Fans’ reactions to DeMayo’s exit exploded on various social media platforms. Multiple pleas echoed the demand for Marvel to re-induct him, insisting he held the key to the series’ quality and continuity. A fan’s tweet urged Marvel to bring back DeMayo considering his deep live for the characters. Another fan expressed hope for DeMayo’s return unless he had a serious reason to depart, noting his exceptional work on the show.

DeMayo’s absence paints a picture of worry on the exciting canvas of X-Men ’97’s extension. Fans ardently believe his unique affection for the characters and his nuanced understanding of the series are integral for its ongoing success. Now, the ball is in Marvel’s court as fans eagerly wait for their response.

X-Men ’97, available on Disney+, stands at a pivotal point, with fans remaining optimistic about DeMayo’s potential return to the helm of the beloved series. Amid the overall fan excitement, there’s a strong undercurrent of concern for the show’s creative steerage.

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Endnote: Marvel’s plans for prolonging X-Men ’97 signals its growing popularity, but Beau DeMayo’s absence may pose an unwanted challenge. As fans wait on tenterhooks for Marvel’s move, the studio has a chess piece to play. Both the show’s future and fans’ satisfaction rest on their decision.

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