Eagles Rookie Cooper DeJean Draws Comparisons to All-Pro Jalen Ramsey

Key Takeaways:
– Philadelphia Eagles selected Cooper DeJean in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft.
– DeJean’s versatility and size make him a close comparison to All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey.
– DeJean is prepared to play anywhere the Eagles need him, including outside CB, slot, or safety.
– The Eagles also recruited former LSU safety Andre’ Sam to add more depth in their secondary following the 2024 NFL Draft.

Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Impresses Analysts

The Philadelphia Eagles nailed the 2024 NFL Draft with the addition of Cooper DeJean, a versatile Iowa cornerback known for his positional fluidity, and Quinyon Mitchell, their first-round pick. The Eagles traded up in the second round to secure DeJean, widely considered a top prospect in his position.

A Versatile Asset on the Field

DeJean’s nimbleness allows him to play on the perimeter, in the slot, or even at safety, making him one of the most coveted prospects. Coupled with his contribution as a returner on special teams, DeJean stands out in the cornerback class.

The Eagles moved up to 40th in the overall ranking to secure DeJean, a move that has been widely appreciated. NFL analyst Nate Tice of Yahoo Sports equates DeJean with Jalen Ramsey, the Super Bowl champion and thrice All-Pro cornerback. Tice comments on the similarities between the two players, noting both their size and athletic capabilities.

Unleashing the DeJean-Ramsey Comparison

Though slightly smaller in size than Ramsey, DeJean’s skill set and athleticism show uncanny resemblances to the All-Pro’s abilities. While Tice admits there are minor differences – DeJean is slightly smaller and slower, the comparison remains robust. Both athletes demonstrate a common capacity for angular advantage and a knack for forcing turnovers.

If DeJean can channel his potential and live up to this comparison, he could be just the boon the Eagles need. Coming off a low turnover score in the previous season, the Eagles’ seventh fewest in the league, they’re looking for DeJean’s turnover production abilities.

Eager to Adapt

DeJean is eagerly waiting to get on the field wherever the Eagles need him, be in the corner, safety, or slot. His position adaptability and slot expertise make him a versatile player, a trait he showcases effortlessly. He summed up his approach and readiness to don any role that the Eagles assign him.

DeJean, along with Mitchell, could be a significant part of the Eagles’ starting cornerback duo in the seasons to come. Their addition to the squad might be the shot in the arm that the Eagles’ secondary needs after their 2023 setbacks.

Boosting the Secondary Depth

Beyond DeJean and Mitchell, the Eagles secured another promising talent. They recruited former LSU safety Andre’ Sam as an undrafted free agent. Sam, who recorded a team-high three interceptions last season, fits right in with Roseman’s strategy of bolstering the secondary’s depth.

NFL analyst Lance Zierlein describes Sam as having a smooth pedal and solid response time from his safety position. Despite needing improvements in his angles of pursuit, Sam shows exciting potential with his late-round quality.

With these strategic moves, the Eagles are set up for a promising season. Each player’s unique skills and resourcefulness could potentially propel the Eagles to glorious heights. Time will tell whether DeJean, Mitchell, and Sam can live up to, or even surpass, expectations.


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