Casting Opportunities in Sumter, SC for “God’s Not Dead 5”

The upcoming film “God’s Not Dead 5” is in the recruitment phase for its cast. Filming is set to take place in Sumter, South Carolina.

Casting Details for “God’s Not Dead 5”

Casting directors are on the hunt for a variety of individuals. These include actors, models, and other talents to participate in shooting scenes for the film. To enhance the political plot, producers need individuals to embody staff members of a congressman.

Portraying Professional Roles on Film

Taking on the role of a staff member in a congressman’s office calls for professionalism. Participants must accurately portray this setting. All directions from the director and the film staff should be executed accurately to fulfill scene requirements.

As an actor, maintaining consistency in performance is key. You may need to repeat actions for multiple takes to achieve this. Furthermore, you will need to prepare for wardrobe fittings and adhere to any costume requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Roles

There are some qualifications required for these roles. Both male and female individuals can apply. Furthermore, the call is open to all ethnicities. The age range is from college age to those in their 50s. Appearances need to have a clean-cut, professional look fitting for a DC office environment.

Participants should not necessarily need professional acting experience. However, they must be comfortable in front of the camera and follow directions well. Applicants also need to be available for shooting on specific dates in Sumter, Rock Hill, or York, SC.

Remuneration Details

The pay scale for the roles ranges from $75 to $120 per day. This will depend on whether you’re assigned to a full day or half day of shooting.

Additional Casting Opportunities

Those aspiring to be part of well-established shows, may also be interested in other casting opportunities. Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” season 6 is casting now and hiring in Atlanta, Georgia. Meanwhile, “Mayfair Witches” Season 2 is filming in New Orleans, Louisiana and looking for cast members.

Additionally, a commercial opportunity is available with Wyndham Resort. This gig comes with a enticing pay of $1500.

Getting Started with Project Casting

If you feel this is the opportunity for you, take the next step and apply now. Project Casting offers many such opportunities to put your acting talent in front of the right people. With a seamless approach to connect aspirants with suitable employment in the entertainment sector, this may just be your chance to shine.

In conclusion, whether you are an actor, a model or just someone with talent interested in a unique experience, this casting call is worth considering. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the acclaimed “God’s Not Dead” film series. Apply today for an audition and embrace the chance to explore compelling narratives while honing your craft.

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