Huntsville Seeks Cast for Faith-Based Promotional Videos

Casting directors in Huntsville, Alabama have launched a recruiting drive for their upcoming non-union, faith-based promotional videos. The videos are intended to uplift and captivate viewers with compelling tales and strong character depiction. They are currently scouting for varied talents to take on multiple roles.

Scope of Project

The project entails creating a series of faith-based promotional videos set to resonate with audiences through rich storytelling. The producers are on the lookout for actors who demonstrate the skills required for the roles and have called for applications.

Location and Roles

Both the casting and filming process will take place in Huntsville, Alabama. There are several roles, each with distinct requirements. The first role calls for a female actor between 23-38 of Latino, East Asian, or South Asian descent. The requirements involve an athletic build and comfort with running on camera.

The second and third are for a white or black and white or Asian female (ages 23-38 and 30-40 respectively). For these roles, the team is seeking actors who represent a laid back and carefree personality and another with a naturally funny, quirky behavior.

The fourth role is for a male actor aged 25-35, either Asian, Latino, or Mixed Ethnicity, who can play the guitar. In contrast, the fifth is for a white male in his 20s or 30s, expected to display robust acting skills and the ability to channel profound emotions.

Role Responsibilities

The actors would be tasked with preparing and acting in accordance with directors’ instructions. This would require attending planned costume fittings and makeup sessions. It also necessitates working in harmony with co-stars and crew to ensure a smooth production process. The selected actor will need to show professional conduct in complying with set rules.

Pre-requisites for Casting

Actors must have previous acting experience and provide a reel or portfolio as proof. Moreover, they must maintain a conservative appearance, free from visible tattoos, jewelry, and dramatic makeup. Also, flexible availability on assigned shoot days and the ability to keep up with directional and environmental changes is necessary.

Remuneration Package

Successful candidates can expect remuneration for their participation but specific rates will be shown post-casting. It’s important to note that travel expenses will not be compensated.

Opportunities Beyond

This casting not only presents opportunities in Huntsville but also offers broader acting auditions and casting call insights. Acting hopefuls can find opportunities in the upcoming Netflix series ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6, currently recruiting talent in Atlanta, Georgia. They can also audition for Season 2 of ‘Mayfair Witches’ in New Orleans, Louisiana. Plus, there is an open casting call for a commercial for Wyndham Resort, which promises a handsome payout of $1500.

To Sum Up

Casting directors in Huntsville, Alabama, are eagerly waiting to discover new talent for their faith-based promotional videos. Those who meet the role requirements should not miss this opportunity to demonstrate their acting prowess. Always remember, your acting journey is just a casting call away! Actors are encouraged to take a leap of faith and apply now.

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