Audition Now: Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ Seeks Background Actors in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Disney’s upcoming feature film, ‘Jiminy,’ has launched a casting call for featured background roles set to be shot in the picturesque city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The directors are inviting actors, models, and all sorts of talents to partake in auditions for a myriad of roles in the filming sessions.

Why Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Santa Fe has long been recognized for its world-class art scene and an array of striking landscapes – a promising backdrop for any cinematic masterpiece. This distinctive American city, with a blend of ancient architecture and modern flair, is now primed to become the shooting site for Disney’s latest film, ‘Jiminy.’ Living and working in Santa Fe for a period could be an added attraction for potential candidates considering this project.

Casting Call: What Roles are Up for Grabs?

The producers are in need of background actors for the film. The roles offered embody diversity with a particular emphasis on two characters, a construction worker and a female driver. Both roles require individuals falling in the same age bracket of 35-50 years.

For the construction worker role, aspirants should embody a blue-collar, rugged appearance typically associated with a rural setting. Meanwhile, the woman driver’s role requires a talent who can convincingly depict a stressed and upset attitude, akin to a subject caught in a traffic jam during a massive evacuation in a small town.

Responsibilities as a Background Actor

Being a background actor in a film demands professionalism, from bearing long hours on the set to being prepared for various weather conditions, and following wardrobe requirements. Punctuality, reliability, and an aptitude to take directions well are essential attributes for the job.

Working Conditions and Compensation

The work calls for a local hire position with typical shoot days lasting approximately 12 hours. Producers are seeking talents who can deliver on these long workdays and have the flexibility to match the production timeline. Previous acting experience will be advantageous, but it’s not a prerequisite.

As for compensation, the pay rate for the first 8 hours of work stands at $117. Overtime is rewarded at a rate of time and a half in case of work extending beyond 8 hours in a single day.

Your Chance to Shine on the Big Screen

This casting call presents a golden opportunity for aspiring actors looking to break into the film industry. Involved with a prestigious company like Disney will definitely add sparkle to your acting portfolio. Besides, there’s the chance to explore the city of Santa Fe, turning a work assignment into an exciting adventure.

Looking Beyond ‘Jiminy:’ More Roles To Watch Out For

Besides ‘Jiminy,’ there are other casting opportunities with prominent productions. ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 from Netflix is now casting and hiring talents in Atlanta, Georgia. The ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 is also looking for new faces as filming proceeds in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the realm of commercials, a casting call for the Wyndham Resort commercial provides a lucrative opportunity with a $1500 pay. With Project Casting, you can dive into an exciting world of entertainment with a seamless connection to these and many other acting opportunities.

Conclusion: Act Now for a Spot in ‘Jiminy’

The casting call for Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ is your chance at bagging a role in a feature film and exploring Santa Fe, New Mexico. Embrace the chance now and launch into an exhilarating journey of cinematic creation. Apply today and make your dream of acting in a Disney movie come true.

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