Atlanta Horror Film Casting Call for Key Background Roles

A major casting call has been announced for a horror movie shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. Production companies are on the hunt for talented individuals to grace the scenes in a variety of intriguing roles. If you’re a model, actor, or performer looking to grab an opportunity, this announcement is for you.

Stellar Professionalism Required

The producers are seeking individuals who exhibit diversity, punctuality, reliability, and an exceptional level of professionalism on set. The vibrant roles offer a challenging and rewarding environment for committed actors keen to expand their portfolio. The film set aims to create an authentic impression of a lively college scene and a specialized student society club.

Prominent Roles and Expectations

Several captivating parts are up for grabs, and the production team is geared towards finding the perfect match. The roles include a Hispanic or Latino female, an Asian female, and a Caucasian or Asian female, all tasked with creating a realistic college environment. The age range for all roles is 18-30 years.

Candidates portraying the lively college student at a bar will engage in interaction with peers and deliver a spirited performance. As a Korean Student Society member, the actor selected will participate in diverse club activities and interactions. There is a distinctive role where the actor will be featured prominently at a bar scene. This featured role comes with an extra compensation bump.

To enhance the performance and maintain continuity, actors are expected to stay in character throughout the entire shooting schedule. In addition, collaboration with other actors and the production team will be pivotal to ensure scene effectiveness.

Key Requirements and Benefits

The casting directors are not only looking for individuals who meet the specific age and ethnic characteristics but also have reliable transportation to the set’s location. Moreover, it’s required that candidates be available for full days of shooting, the dates of which will be confirmed upon successful casting.

In terms of compensation, a standard pay rate of $140 applies for an 8-hour day. Notably, the featured woman at the bar has a higher pay rate of $140 for an 8-hour day plus an extra $25 on top. Payments will be processed after the shoot is completed, and it could take up to 30 days for it to be processed.

Additional Castings and Opportunities

There’s never a shortage of opportunities, thanks to Project Casting, the hub connecting incredible talents to essential roles. To name a few, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6, ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 and a commercial for the renowned Wyndham Resort are all casting and hiring.

No matter your talent or experience level, these roles offer a fantastic stepping-stone for aspiring and established actors alike. So, if you fit the bill, don’t hesitate to jump on board and register with Project Casting. The world of film and television awaits the exceptional talent that lies within you.

To Conclude

Casting call opportunities like this are a golden ticket for actors desiring to participate in a high-stakes, professional environment, where they can truly demonstrate and refine their talent. This is a unique chance to advance your acting career. Be sure to apply and step forward into the thriving world of entertainment. Your talent deserves to meet the right opportunity. Don’t wait, apply now!

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