Casting Call for Game Show Commercial in Los Angeles: Big Opportunities for Actors

Heads up, Hollywood! Casting directors and producers in Los Angeles, California, are launching a public casting call for a game show-themed commercial. Catering particularly to actors, models, and enough talent to light up Hollywood Boulevard, this audacious commercial project could be the perfect platform for local talents to shine.

Detailed Job Features

United Casting Agency (UCA) announces its searching process for talented individuals who can bring an extra layer of vibrancy and energy to the upcoming commercial. The specific requirement is to have an array of diverse actors locally from Los Angeles to perfectly fill up the needed roles with their energetic performances.

The chosen participants will closely work with the production team and the director. This involvement will help breathe life into the project and creatively execute the concept. Also, the participants will be required to be prepared for costume fittings and pre-production meetings. On-set professionalism is a must, as well as following instructions and providing necessary feedback.

Eligibility Criteria and Role Specifications

Casting is open to both Black and White actors ranging from ages 21-50. These enthusiastic individuals should also be residing in Los Angeles or should have the ability to commute for the filming period. Previous acting experience would be beneficial but isn’t a necessary requisite to apply.

There are also calls for specific role casting, which hold their unique requirements. The Game Show Host, aged between 35-50, must possess a charismatic and authoritative screen presence, with improvisation skills as an added advantage.

The Cowboy role demands rugged looks and an individual aged between 35-50 capable of convincingly portraying a cowboy character. Lastly, a Boxer with Athlete/Athletic build aged between 21-35 is needed. This role requires an athletic individual capable of portraying the physical confidence of a professional boxer.

Compensation Details

Remuneration for the roles will vary. For a twelve-hour shooting period, Game Show Hosts will receive $300, whereas the Cowboy and Boxer roles will attain $350 each.

How to Get On Board

Budding actors who meet these criteria and want to be a part of this enticing project should apply right away. This could be a golden opportunity to showcase their talents on a commercial scale and climb the ladder of success in the entertainment industry.

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There are more casting opportunities available right now. Project Casting also provides opportunities with shows like Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 based in Atlanta, Georgia, and ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2 filming in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Additionally, there’s a commercial casting call for the Wyndham Resort with a stellar pay of $1500. Project Casting caters to a broad spectrum of talents in the entertainment industry, establishing connections between talents and employment opportunities, producing a smooth networking experience. So, get on board, join Project Casting, apply for jobs, and see your actor dreams slowly but surely start to become reality!

In the end, this game show-themed commercial promises a wonderful platform for local talents in Los Angeles to showcase their acting prowess. A call to all those Hollywood dreamers, this could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Create a memorable audition, catch your big break, and let the world watch your star rise!

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