Heather Rae El Moussa Strikes Back at Online Trolling: Fans Offer Support

Key Takeaways:

– HGTV star Heather Rae El Moussa has shared a slew of derogatory comments she recently received on her Instagram page to highlight the issues of online hate.
– Fellow stars from HGTV like Erin and Ben Napier, and Jenny Mars have also faced online scrutiny recently.
– A legion of fans rallied in support of Heather, applauding her resilience and courage to call out her online trolls.
– This isn’t the first time the star has dealt with online haters, and it hasn’t deterred her from living her life and sharing it with her social media followers.
– She remains dedicated to overcoming hate, encouraging others to lift one another up rather than resorting to negativity.

Heather Rae El Moussa Calls Out Online Hate

HGTV star Heather Rae El Moussa, known for her show “The Flipping El Moussas,” recently took a stand against social media negativity. On April 30, 2024, Heather used her Instagram page to highlight some harsh comments she’s received, demonstrating her determination amidst the hate as she juggles numerous roles, including that of a mother, wife, real estate investor, designer, and influencer.

Heather’s Instagram Post: Revealing the Negative Comments

In a recent Instagram post, Heather shared a video of herself dancing in her kitchen with her one-year-old son Tristan. She humorously captioned her joyous moment with a mock at her haters, showing dozens of the negatively skewed comments she’s recently faced. The comments ranged from personal attacks on her appearance, her authenticity, to disparaging remarks on her partner’s looks.

In response, she acknowledged the “dark side” of social media while reinforcing the importance of maintaining a positive perspective in engaging with online platforms. She extended her support to anyone who has faced similar instances of online hate, expressing her hope that people don’t have to encounter such experiences.

Fans Rally Around Heather

In response to Heather’s post, numerous fans offered their support, appreciating the unwavering stance and robust spirit. While there was speculation about jealousy being the root cause, others pointed out that delivering criticism in a mean and harmful manner was unacceptable.

Past Instances of Tackling Online Criticism

Heather’s recent public stance against online hate isn’t an isolated incident. In the past, both Heather and her husband Tarek El Moussa have faced and responded robustly to the backlash they’ve received about their designs, family life, and lifestyle choices.

Heather was also notably outspoken when she responded to derogatory comments on a post featuring her vacationing in classic style. The star emphatically underlined her professional endeavors and self-identity admonishing the need to check facts before resorting to presumptions.

Heather on Handling Online Hate

In the spring 2023 edition of the British digital magazine Blush, Heather spoke candidly about receiving substantial amounts of online hate. The star upheld her belief that it’s impossible to please everyone and insisted that her posts are for herself as well.

She further revealed her low-drama preference, emphasizing that she couldn’t understand why some people choose to radiate negativity instead of promoting an empowering environment. Heather insists on raising each other instead of resorting to meanness, a stance reflective in her actions and interaction with her social media followers.

Concluding Thoughts

Those familiar with Heather’s journey attest that Heather’s scripted her story with resilience, authenticity, and commitment, despite the adversity she faces. Her recent demonstration of standing up against online hate is yet another testament to her continuous battle against negativity, striving to create a supportive community online and inspiring others to do so. With her fans’ undying support, it’s assured that Heather Rae El Moussa’s crusade against online hate won’t slow down anytime soon.


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