Casting Call in NYC for Newborn Twins or Triplets for a Feature Film

In a recent announcement, casting directors in New York are seeking African American male newborn identical twins or triplets for an upcoming feature film’s interior scenes. This unique casting call opens the doorway for infant talents to step into the dazzling limelight of the film industry.

Newborn Talent Search in the Film Industry

The search is on for the new faces of an upcoming feature film set to film in New York City. In a recent casting call, producers shared their urgency in identifying African American male newborn twins or triplets, six to twelve months old. The role requirements are specific, reflecting an enticing mystery about the nature of the film’s plot.

Get Cast in the Spotlight

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Job Gist: Roles and Expectations

The newborn twins or triplets sought for this casting call will be cast in the background or as extras. The new stars will take part in the film’s interior scenes, pushing their stardom journey to new heights.

Infants who get cast will participate in a one-day film shoot. The film’s budding stars should be ready to remain on set for the entire duration of the shooting schedule. They will work closely with the production team to ensure the smooth execution of the scenes.

Role Essentials and Compensation Details

There are a few key prerequisites for this role that candidates must fulfill. The casting call is specifically looking for African American male twins or triplets aged six to twelve months at the time of the filming. They must also be available to film all day on the scheduled shooting day accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout.

Candidates should be based in or be able to travel to the New York City area, although travel expenses are not covered by the production. For their big-screen debut, each baby will receive a paycheck totaling $300 for an eight-hour workday. Settling in the form of a check, payment will be dispatched within 14 days of the work’s completion.

Further Casting Opportunities and Engagements

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In conclusion, this rare casting call for newborn twins or triplets is not just about being cast in a new feature film, but it’s also the starting point of a potentially phenomenal career in the field of acting. Being a part of the film scenery from a tender age isn’t something that comes by every day. It’s indeed a milestone for the little ones selected and an unforgettable moment for their families.

So, get set for this opportunity to let your little stars shine bright on the big screen. Capture their moments of fame and create memorable experiences for the future.

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