Green Bay Packers Could Boost Secondary with Veteran Cornerback Signing

Key Takeaways:

– Green Bay Packers have significantly invested in its secondary this offseason, signing Xavier McKinney and Javon Bullard.
– Lack of depth at cornerback remains a concern for the team.
– 2019 Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore could be the next potential signing.
– Gilmore, with an impressive track record and Pro Bowl appearances, could bring valuable veteran presence to the Packers.
– The team’s current cap space leaves plenty of room for a potential Gilmore contract.

The Green Bay Packers in their ongoing quest to strengthen key positions continue to make strategic investments. Following our source from, one such considerable focus has been the team’s secondary, which has seen significant enhancements. Paramount signing includes the highly rated safety Xavier McKinney, as well as Georgia’s dynamic playmaker Javon Bullard. However, there seems to be an apparent insufficiency in the cornerback area, which could soon witness some intriguing development.

A Sought-after Cornerback Anticipated in Green Bay

CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr, in listing the top remaining free agents, speculates the Packers to explore the potential of signing 2019 Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore. Kerr noted,”Still a starter despite being on four teams in three years, Gilmore can still play at a high level.” His view mirrors the sentiment that dissuades age-related bias, with Gilmore being 33. Glen attributes Gilmore’s pertinent contribution to the Dallas Cowboys last season to his experience and form.

On the Verge of a Super Bowl Run

The Packers believe themselves to be in a strong position for a credible Super Bowl contention this year. Evidently, the team sees the worth in adding a player of Gilmore’s class and repute. Boasting five Pro Bowls and earning First-Team All-Pro recognition twice in his 12-year career, Gilmore stands as a compelling prospect. The Packers’ current cornerback, Jaire Alexander, maintains solid perimeter defense, but could benefit greatly from a seasoned partner like Gilmore.

Boosting the Defense with a Proven Veteran

Green Bay has a history of cooperating with renowned athletes, as indicated by its defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley’s liaison with Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis. A partnership of Alexander and Gilmore would undeniably be an absolute powerhouse, backed by emerging safeties.

Are the Packers Ready to Accommodate Gilmore Financially?

Gilmoreā€™s current market value stands between $8.96 million to $9 million on a one-year contract, according to a report from Spotrac. With the Packers’ cap space currently at around $21.19 million, there could indeed be a viable space to accommodate Gilmore’s contract.

General Manager Brian Gutekunst has a handful of options in Eric Stokes, Keisean Nixon, Evan Williams, and rookie Kalen King but Gilmore’s addition could provide the required competitive edge. It’s a crucial period for the Packers, one that could see them create a superlative mix of experience and youth to craft a formidable defense for the upcoming season.

As the potential signing unfolds, the Packers fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the team’s boost in the cornerback area, and what such a strategic signing can mean for the team’s Super Bowl aspirations.


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