Glorieta New Mexico Calls for Newcomer Talent in Disney’s ‘Jiminy’

A thrilling opportunity has emerged in the world of film. The casting directors for Disney’s feature film ‘Jiminy’ are calling all fledgling actors, unique models, and raw talents to be a part of an upcoming scene. This pivotal segment to be filmed in the scenic confines of Glorieta, NM, requires fresh faces for pre-fit roles, offering a chance to bring the scene of fleeing residents to life.

Venture into the World of ‘Jiminy’

Stepping into film production can be a daunting yet exciting prospect, and an opportunity to work on a Disney project like ‘Jiminy’ may just be the golden ticket for many aspiring actors and models. This feature film to be set against the picturesque backdrop of Glorieta, NM, is scouting for novice talents who haven’t had prior experience in pre-fit roles within this project.

Embarking on a Cinematic Journey

Those who fit the bill will be required to take part in costume fittings and be readily available on the designated shoot dates. Along with adhering to directors’ instructions, the selected talents must maintain a professional demeanor on the set. As is expected in show business, flexibility is key — selected cast members should be prepared to adapt to schedule changes as call times can vary.

Eligibility and Requirements

Desired applicants must live in the Glorieta or Santa Fe areas since transportation and accommodations will not be provided. It’s important to keep key dates in mind – either Monday, April 29th or Tuesday, April 30th for costume fittings, and Friday, May 3rd for the shooting. Due to the unpredictable nature of filming, timings are liable to change, but expect 12+ hour filming days.

While the casting call encourages new faces, drivers with cars are welcomed to apply. It’s an inclusive project, welcoming all who fit the initial criteria and are eager to gain a foot in the door of the film industry.

Compensation Details

Selected candidates can expect a compensation of $117.00 for 8 hours of filming. Beyond the 8-hour mark, overtime compensation will kick in at one and a half times the base rate.

Step into this Exciting Opportunity

This thrilling role offers an excellent opportunity for individuals venturing onto the big silver screen. But beyond the opportunity to gain exposure and experience, roles like these offer the chance to belong to something greater – a collaborative community that brings stories to life.

Applying is simple. By joining Project Casting, prospective candidates can access this job and apply right away. A world of varied roles awaits all those who dare to step into this exciting realm of entertainment.

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In conclusion, this casting call for Disney’s feature film ‘Jiminy’ provides a fantastic chance for newcomer actors and models in Glorieta, NM. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey into the world of filmmaking.

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