Jay Leno Offers a Health Update on Wife Mavis Amid Dementia Battle and Recent Conservatorship

Key Takeaways:

– Mavis Leno, Jay Leno’s wife, reveals she is feeling great despite her ongoing battle with advanced dementia.
– Jay Leno, awarded conservatorship over his wife’s estate, emphasizes the strength of their relationship.
– The conservatorship aims to establish a living trust for Mavis’ care.

Leno’s Wife Mavis Provides Health Update

During the recent premiere of Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix movie “Unfrosted,” Mavis Elizabeth Leno, wife of renowned comedian Jay Leno, spoke about her health. Despite struggling with advanced dementia, the 77-year-old philanthropist told Entertainment Tonight that she feels great.

The Secret to Long-lasting Relationship


Jay Leno, the former host of “Tonight Show,” shed some light on how he and his wife keep their relationship strong dating back to their marriage ceremony in 1980. Leno underscored the importance of remaining best friends, coupled with spending quality time together, as their secret to fortifying their marital bond.

“We hang out every day,” he said. “We have a great time. Forty-four years [married], so we’re doing good.”

Leno’s Conservatorship over Wife’s Estate


The couple’s recent public appearance closely follows Jay Leno being legally awarded conservatorship over Mavis’s estate, a development spurred by her deteriorating health condition due to Alzheimer’s disease. This particular form of dementia is known for being the most predominant one.

Earlier this year, Leno filed for conservatorship after witnessing Mavis’s diminishing mental capacity and her losing count of time and space, with conditions progressively worsening over several years. According to NBC News, this was documented in the original petition.

Leno’s Motive For Conservatorship


The key motive behind Leno seeking conservatorship over his wife’s estate was not seizing control but rather setting up a living trust. Why? To ensure continued care for Mavis in the scenario that he becomes incapacitated.

It’s worth noting that Leno experienced a couple of severe accidents last year. Initially, he sustained multiple fractures following a motorcycle accident. Months later, he suffered serious burn injuries after a garage fire breakout.

Court Approves Leno’s Bid


Mavis’s attorney conveyed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court last month that she was “receiving excellent care with her husband.” This attorney concurred with the conservatorship, which was eventually granted to Leno.

Providing further confirmation of Mavis’ deteriorating health condition, neurologist Dr. Hart Cohen revealed instances when Mavis failed to recognize her husband, Jay. This was highlighted in court documents by Ronald Ostrin, Mavis’s court-appointed counsel, obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

In conclusion, despite the grim health battle Mavis is embarking on, the couple exhibits strength and positivity. Their latest appearance on the red carpet demonstrates their love and commitment toward each other, leaving a significant message for everyone dealing with similar hardships.


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