Queer POC London Talent Hunt: Casting Call for Short Film

A golden opportunity has knocked on the doors of queer actors of colour based in London, United Kingdom. A casting process is currently underway for a vibrant upcoming short film, which seeks to delve into and glorify queer narratives.

Diversifying Casting

The casting call targets queer actors of colour who identify as male, non-binary, or trans-male. The project intends to foster an ambiance that appreciates diversity and authenticity, offering a thriving and inclusive environment for the actors to shine in their respective roles.

The Application Procedure

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Project Insight

The short film project promises to provide an intriguing, enriching experience for the chosen actors. It aims to celebrate the narrative of queer people, thereby putting a spotlight on diverse actors, fostering a platform for them to exhibit their talents and share their stories.

Role Responsibilities

The selected actors will have an opportunity to work closely with the film’s director and other cast members, bringing the script to life. Role responsibilities include attending rehearsals, delivering the lines with finesse, contributing to character evolution, and participating in costume fittings and makeup sessions. Actors will need to follow the shooting schedule diligently and might be required to engage in promotional activities related to the film.

The Ideal Candidates

Queer people of colour identifying as male presenting are encouraged to apply. Applicants should have some background in acting in film, theatre, television, or similar fields. A portfolio or show-reel substantiating their experience will vastly strengthen their applications. Personal traits sought include a robust screen presence and the capacity to portray complex emotions.

Location and Compensation

Candidates must be based in the UK and be willing to travel for shoots if necessary. The remuneration package is competitive, taking into account the actor’s experience. Furthermore, in case the shooting location necessitates travel away from the base, travel expenses and accommodation are covered. Moreover, catering will be provided on set.

Boosting Your Acting Career

Project Casting also hosts a variety of other casting calls and acting auditions, enhancing your prospects of landing a significant role. For instance, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ season 6 is currently casting in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, auditions for the second season of ‘Mayfair Witches’ are being held in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Actors of colour who identify as queer and male presenting have a unique chance to shine in an exciting new short film. This London based project values diversity and authenticity, providing a great platform for those poised to leap into a creatively enriching journey. Don’t miss the chance – apply today!

By seizing this exciting opportunity, you could lend your voice to an inspiring narrative and contribute to the representation and celebration of diversity on screen.

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/queer-poc-london-open-casting/


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