Join the Civilian 1862 Project: A Unique Opportunity for Aspiring Performers in Virginia

Are you yearning for a chance to step back in time and immerse yourself in the world of the 19th century? The Civilian 1862 Project is here to make your time-travel dreams reality. Providing aspiring actors, models, and talents with the prospect to participate in a historically themed shoot, casting directors are now inviting applications.

The Impact of Your Role

Join the Civilian 1862 project to depict a landscape straight out of 1862 rural Upstate New York. This historically inspired project is calling for individuals or families to immerse themselves in the authentic ambiance of that era. As a part of this project, your primary task would be portraying a townsperson from the 1862 spring season, thus contributing to creating a lifelike environment.

Your Rich Personal Contribution

You would need to arrive on set, clad in period-correct attire, ready to grace the camera capturing 19th-century life. Your day would begin early, extending till past lunch. Your adherence to the production schedule, following directions, and staying true to your character would contribute immensely to the project.

Do You Meet The Criteria?

If the idea of recreating history piques your interest, ensure that you are ready for the role with your own era-appropriate attire, like day dresses or sack coats, signifying the 1862 rural theme. Transporting yourself to the filming location near Richmond, Virginia, must also be doable independently. Each participant should complete a sign-up form with their photo in costume for consideration. If you’re applying as a family, make sure to fill out a form for each member, including the children.

Compensation and Working Hours

You would receive $100 per participant for the day’s work, starting in the early morning and finishing just after lunch. Don’t worry, the duration won’t exceed the standard 10-hour workday. If this opportunity aligns with your passion for acting and history, apply immediately.

Enhancing Your Acting Prospects

Besides the Civilian 1862 Project, there are numerous other opportunities that might interest you. For instance, Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 6 is now casting in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, Mayfair Witches Season 2 is currently looking for talent as they film in New Orleans, Louisiana. Moreover, the call is open for individuals to feature in a Wyndham Resort commercial with a considerable payout of $1500. Embrace these chances and let your talent shine.

In conclusion, the Civilian 1862 Project gives you an opportunity to combine a love of history and performance. It’s a unique chance to be part of a riveting historical event, bringing it alive through your acting skills. This could be the stepping stone you need to kickstart your career in acting. So, don your period-outfit, complete your application, and become part of a memorable project today. Don’t miss out; the past is waiting for you!

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