NYC Casting Call Open for Young Actors for Prominent Role

Child Actors needed for principal role in fresh production

A recent casting call out in New York City is inviting budding child actors to make their mark in an upcoming production. The search is on for actors, models, and talent within the age group of 4-10, who will play the roles of the grandchildren of a significant actor in the project.

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Job description and responsibilities

The casting directors are searching for talented child actors who can convincingly portray the natural character of a grandchild. They should be skilled enough to interact with other actors, thus aiding in creating a believable family dynamic. The role demands preparedness to work on the allotted full day of filming.

The setting for the filming is Astoria Queens, NY and is scheduled for 5.3 (Friday). This project presents young hopefuls an opportunity to acquire on-set experience and work with a seasoned film crew.

Requirements for the role

The role necessitates a set of conditions to be met. The actors should be 4-10 years old and possess a valid child performer permit. They must have a trust account established for payment and should be available for the entire day of filming.

They should also display a commitment for attending rehearsals and wardrobe fittings laid down by the production team. To ensure the child’s safety, a parent or guardian must accompany children to the set, remaining present throughout.

Compensation for the role

One of the perks of this role is the attractive compensation plan. Union members can look forward to a pay rate of $208 for an 8-hour work period. The payment details for those who are not members of a union will be shared during the application process.

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Besides this opportunity, Project Casting also provides information of other casting calls and auditions. The Netflix show ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 is presently hiring in Atlanta, Georgia. ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2, that films in New Orleans, Louisiana, is also announcing casting opportunities. Also, talent for a Wyndham Resort Commercial with a pay of $1500 is being sought. Thus, budding actors can find numerous opportunities through Project Casting to expand their acting careers.

Summing up, the casting call in New York is an exciting chance for young actors to make their way into the film industry. Collaborating with a professional film crew, gaining on-set experience, and delivering convincing performances can provide the young actors with substantial career growth. The attractive compensation is a bonus. So, if you match the suitable age group with a valid child performer permit and have a guardian who can accompany you on set, don’t think twice. Your journey into the film industry could start here with this casting call!

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