UK Podcast Seeks Small Business Owners as Guests – A Unique Opportunity

UK’s small business entrepreneurs are invited to apply for an exciting opportunity. An online podcast is seeking enthusiastic business owners to contribute to discussions filmed in the UK. The project promises not only engaging dialogue around modern business strategies but also a chance to display your unique business setup.

Participation and Payoff in a Podcast

Invitations are open for self-made individuals who own a small business. Entrepreneurs should be eager to share their journey and insights about running a small enterprise in the modern era. The payoff for this participation is two-fold. Participants will receive a flat rate of £400 for their input and time. However, the added benefit is the opportunity to advertise the business through the podcast platform.

Project Description

The podcast is a production by Anne Stone Casting. It features robust discussions led by revered business experts. On every episode, different aspects of running a business in the digital and telecommunications sector are highlighted. The conversation includes discussions around the role and impact of digital technology in contemporary business practices. The objective is to offer those in the business world a view into the intricacies involved in operating a small enterprise.

Role Duties and Requirements

Participants are expected to engage in recorded interviews. During these sessions, they will share their experiences of running their businesses. They would also discuss their unique marketing strategies and insights into the digital business landscape.

Prospective guests must be the owners of a unique or quirky small business. They should be able to articulate their entrepreneurial journey engagingly. Filming will take place in a studio for an estimated two-hour duration. The schedule will be communicated upon selection. Alongside the studio filming, participants must be open to having a crew film at their business location.

To provide an in-depth look into the uniqueness of their enterprise, crews will capture additional footage in the business environment. This exercise is designed to showcase unique aspects of individual businesses. Potential guests must be comfortable being on camera and discussing specified topics.

Interviews will cover marketing strategies and the influence of digital technologies in the current workplace. Insightful and anecdotal advice in these areas is a requisite.

How to Get Involved

Performers, models, and talents from all spectrums are especially encouraged to apply. This opportunity presents a perfect platform to shine while getting compensated for it.

In addition to the potential exposure, selected participants stand to gain valuable networking through connections with others in the industry.


This casting call is a fantastic opportunity for small business owners in the UK. They will not only be able to share their personal and professional experiences but also gain further visibility for their businesses.

So, if you fit the brief and feel like your entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring story worth sharing, act now. Sign up for this unique chance to speak your business truth while also boosting its profile.

For certainty, engaging in a discussion about your business venture amidst today’s digital evolution creates room for growth. It’s a platform where you not only get to teach others but also learn from seasoned industry figures. So don’t miss out on this invaluable experience – apply today!

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