Ray & Eilyn Jimenez Set To Premiere Their New Show ‘Divided By Design’ on HGTV

Key Takeaways:
* Married designer couple, Ray and Eilyn Jimenez, are all set to launch their new show, ‘Divided By Design’, on HGTV.
* The show is slated for premiere on June 10, 2024, and will air a total of nine episodes for the first season.
* The series will follow the couple as they run competing firms and bid for the same jobs in Miami’s housing market.
* Despite being competitors, the couple expresses mutual support irrespective of who lands the client.
* The Jimenez’s earlier ventured into reality television with Netflix’s ‘Designing Miami’ in 2022.

Married designers, Ray and Eilyn Jimenez are geared up for another appearance on reality television. They bring in a fresh element to the show, by being a married couple that owns rival design firms. Their new show, ‘Divided By Design’, is set for release on HGTV and fans are fired up for the premiere.

The Journey To Competing With A Spouse

‘Divided by Design’ stands as a testament to the unique dynamic that exists between Ray and Eilyn. They are married, co-parents, and also compete with each other professionally. As Eilyn puts it, “Ray and I have different design perspectives and approaches when it comes to each project”.

The show highlights their professional clash despite their personal compatibility, a scenario that ensures an unpredictable and thrilling plot to keep the audience hooked. Playing against your spouse sure brings its set of challenges and interesting moments, but the couple aims to extend their support to each other irrespective of who lands the clients.

Enthusiastic Response from Fans

Within days of the announcement of their show’s premiere date, fans quickly took to social media to express their exhilaration. The Jimenez’s have managed to carve a solid fan base for themselves in the design world, and seeing them on HGTV has left fans elated.

Dr. Nicole Martin from “The Real Housewives of Miami” and Alexia Nepola, another Miami Housewife, were among those congratulating the couple on their new venture. Even with the excitement soaring high, the fans seem to be equally drawn by the unique and intriguing idea of a married couple competing against each other.

A Reality Show Journey Worth Noting

Reality TV isn’t new to Ray and Eilyn Jimenez as they were previously featured on Netflix’s ‘Designing Miami’. The show presented Ray as he began his journey into the design world, highlighting his endeavors to establish his design firm.

‘Divided By Design’, however, promises a fresh twist with competition embedded right in the heart of it. When asked about the discontinuation of their previous show, Eilyn clarified, “we’re jumping over to @hgtv and can’t wait”.

‘Divided By Design’ is surely shaping up to be an exciting addition to HGTV’s content line-up in 2024. The blend of professional rivalry and personal bonding between Ray and Eilyn promises an intriguing mix of emotions, competition, and design that fans are eagerly waiting for. With the show’s premiere date approaching fast, ‘Divided By Design’ is undoubtedly the upcoming sensation in the world of reality television.


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