Atlanta TV Show Sets Casting Call for Trained Doberman and Rottweiler

In an exciting turn of events, casting directors in Atlanta, Georgia are on the lookout for special talent. However, the stars they seek might not be who you imagine. The casting call is for well-trained Doberman and Rottweiler dogs to feature prominently in an upcoming television series.

Seeking Dog Stars

The TV show, filming in the heart of Atlanta, strives to incorporate these two breeds in meaningful roles. Rather than people, they seek dogs with exceptional obedience and social skills. The ideal candidates must demonstrate steadfast obedience, show a friendly disposition, and have the ability to interact well with people and other dogs.

The role requires the chosen dogs to cooperate seamlessly. They should respond reliably to verbal commands, and silent hand signals. Arguably, the crux of the job lies in the dogs’ ability to remain calm and obedient in busy, potentially distracting set environments.

Job Expectations for Canine Actors

The filming calls for the participating dogs to act as per direction, following specific commands and actions. They’re also expected to interact positively with the cast and crew, including the other dogs in the set. Silent hand signals are a bonus, and being able to work silently will be significantly advantageous during filming.

Of course, the selected dog stars need to be well socialized, brave, and obedient, especially around distractions and in new environments. Candidates are not strictly required to be local to Atlanta; however, they must be willing to travel to the city and stay for the duration of the filming period.

Required Commitment and Compensation

The project expects a commitment from chosen candidates to be available from April to July. Flexibility for varying filming times is also a requirement. Preferred candidates are Dobermans and Rottweilers, preferably with tails! They must be exceptionally dog-friendly and person-friendly, exhibiting basic obedience skills off-leash. They also need to show a solid stand-stay and reliable recall with other dogs.

The job offers competitive pay, decided based on experience and skills. Travel expenses within Atlanta will be covered, asserting fair compensation for the work.

Expanding Opportunities Elsewhere

In the broader casting scenario, opportunities continue with openings for Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6, and ‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 2. Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 6 is currently casting in Atlanta, and the thriller series ‘Mayfair Witches’ season 2 is filming in New Orleans. A casting call for a Wyndham Resort commercial, offering a lucrative $1500 pay, has also surfaced.

The realm of entertainment is not just for humans anymore. With the right skills, even your pet could be a star! If your dog fits the bill, don’t miss this unique opportunity. Begin your dog’s journey to stardom and apply now!

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