NY Jets’ Roster Upgrade: Gaining Leverage via Strategic Draft Move

Key Takeaways:

* The New York Jets received a third-round 2025 draft pick from the Detroit Lions in exchange for a fourth-round 2024 draft pick.
* This trade is considered a savvy move as it increases the Jet’s strategic options in the next draft.
* The added pick could boost the Jets’ chances of making a significant trade, potentially acquiring a standout receiver.
* The majority of the trades in the 2024 NFL draft reflect a solid future outlook.


A wise, forethought draft move recently elevated the New York Jets’ standing in the 2024 NFL Draft. Joe Douglas, the team’s General Manager, smartly swapped a fourth-rounder 2024 pick for a third-rounder 2025 pick in a trade-off with the Detroit Lions.

Subtle Mastery in Draft Moves

Douglas voiced his approval for such trades during a post-draft discussion with Jets’ senior reporter Eric Allen. Recalling the surprising transaction, Douglas stated, “Just a few minutes before Miami had traded a fourth-round pick with Philadelphia for next year’s three…I was like man I wish someone would call and offer us something like that. Lo and behold five minutes later Detroit calls.”

Douglas continued expressing his delight at the Lions’ unexpected proposal. He underscored the real value of the 2025 third-round pick to the team, hoping that a potential starter may emerge from this valuable selection.

Possible Offseason Deals and Trades

The astute move by the Jets created potential opportunities for blockbuster trades in the near future. Brad Gagnon from Bleacher Report speculated if the Jets were planning a significant move, such as bringing on board someone like Aaron Rodgers. “Gang Green has added Mike Williams…, but you have to wonder if they’re still holding out hope that Davante Adams could be up for grabs…” Additionally, Gagnon listed the Jets as a potential suitor for big-name wide receivers like Tee Higgins, Deebo Samuel, and Brandon Aiyuk.

Jets Eyeing Long-Term Success

Although most of the 2024 NFL draft moves were seen as insurance policies or investments for the future, the Jets could still add a cherry to the top of their pie. The wide receiving corps has room for improvements, and having an additional pass catcher could be a game-changer.

Recent comments from Jets’ head coach Robert Saleh have drawn attention to some fundamental weaknesses. The top receivers, Williams and rookie Corley, have respectively been labelled “long way to go” and a “raw route runner.” The other top man, Garrett Wilson, singularly stands out as a star while Allen Lazard, though expensive, has disappointed in his first year with the team. The rest of the receiver group comprises undrafted free agents and untested players.


Accorded room for strategic flexibility, Douglas’ inspired trading move could prove instrumental in addressing these issues, thereby providing the Jets with an edge over the competition. By holding a third-round pick for the 2025 NFL draft, the Jets are looking forward to promising prospects and potential upgrades to their wide receiver group, potentially escalating the team to the next level.



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