Phil Mickelson Eyes Retirement As Greg Norman Takes On Golf’s Traditions

Key Takeaways:

– Golf icon Phil Mickelson hinted at retirement in a recent interview with Bloomberg, indicating the twilight of his illustrious career.
– LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman criticised traditional golf for being out of touch with the contemporary audience.
– Norman plans to infuse more capital into the sport, and visualizes LIV Golf owning their golf courses and turning them into economic centers.

Phil Mickelson On The Verge of Retirement

Over the past weekend, golf superstar Phil Mickelson gave a clear hint that his retirement could be on the horizon. During an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, the 53-year-old appeared somewhat contemplative about his career. “I’m 53 now, and my career, you know, if I’m being truthful, it’s toward its end,” Mickelson confessed, suggesting that he is preparing to hang up his clubs.

Mickelson’s Journey of Solace and Triumphs

Mickelson’s journey has been anything but smooth since he moved to LIV. The only impressive performance he had in the last two years was at the 2023 Masters, where a splendid final-round 65 saw him finish tied second with fellow defector, Brooks Koepka. His ups and downs in the contrasting battlegrounds of the PGA and LIV Golf, coupled with his age, seem to be hinting that his career’s final chapter is unfolding.

There was a note of nostalgia in Mickelson’s voice as he revealed his love for the game. Despite the struggles, he shared, “There are moments when you’re on a golf course alone, and you have this solace and you’re at peace. There are so many great things about this game of golf, and I would love others to experience those things.”

Greg Norman Questions Current Golf Traditions

While Mickelson’s focus appears to be on the past, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman is firmly looking ahead to the future. He made no bones about criticizing traditional golf viewers, dubbing them out of touch with the modern reality of the sport. According to Norman, a young viewer who is continuously tuning into their mobile devices is more indicative of golf’s future than a viewer who spends hours watching on television.

Norman’s Crusade Against Golf Hypocrisy

In his interview with Bloomberg’s Business of Sports, Norman didn’t shy away from taking swipes against critics who believe that the best players are no longer participating in tournaments due to LIV. He refuted this claim, stating that the world’s top players did not always participate in every tournament, even in his time.

LIV Golf’s Gameplan For The Future

Norman lauded LIV Golf for injecting more capital into the sport, turning it into an asset class. He suggested that LIV could follow the footsteps of NASCAR and a few MLB teams and turn golf courses into economic centers. His vision of LIV owning their golf courses, hosting home venue tournaments coupled with the expansion into education, hospitality, real estate, and merchandise, outlines a promising future for the sport.

The path ahead for LIV, however, still seems to be intertwined with PGA majors. Brooks Koepka, a star player of LIV Golf, is gearing up for the upcoming PGA Championship.

As golf fans worldwide digest the potential retirement announcement by Mickelson and the future of golf as visualized by Norman, it’s clear that the dynamics of the game are set to change soon.



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