Mikal Bridges Pushes Knicks’ Josh Hart to Join the Nets: An Offseason Buzz

Key Takeaways:

– Mikal Bridges encouraged his former college teammate, Josh Hart, to leave the New York Knicks and join the Brooklyn Nets.
– However, Josh Hart rebuffed the idea and took a humorous jab at Bridges.
– This stirred discussions about a potential trade involving Bridges, with various propositions on the table.
– There’s so far no clear indication about the future of this 29-year-old star.

The NBA Offseason Stirs Up: Bridges urges Hart to Shift to Nets

Brooklyn Nets forward, Mikal Bridges is stirring up the NBA offseason buzz early. Awaiting the conclusion of NBA finals, Bridges recently got active on social media, nudging his former college mate Josh Hart to ditch his current team, the New York Knicks, and switch his loyalties to the Brooklyn Nets.

Weighing in on an Instagram post by Hart from the ABC’s Finals coverage set, Bridges left behind the four-worded message saying, “Come to the Nets?” Bridges and Hart went from being teammates at the University of Villanova to rival players in the NBA. While Hart’s presence has been a significant factor in building New York’s former Wildcats core, many speculate whether Bridges will follow suit.

Hart’s Quick Wit Shuts Down Bridges’ Pitch

Hart, in true NBA spirit, refuted the proposal with a humorous retort. “Are you okay? If they have you hostage just blink and we’ll save you,” was Hart’s witty response to Bridges’ recruitment pitch. Bridges just wrapped up his first full season with the Brooklyn Nets following his move in 2022 when the Phoenix Suns traded him for Kevin Durant. As former college teammates, this jesting exchange hints towards the fond rivalry they continue to share on and off-court.

Is a Potential Trade of Bridges to Knicks on Cards?

Despite Bridges’ failed attempt to recruit Hart to the Nets, speculations about him possibly joining the Knicks are soaring. Averaging 19.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and playing in all 82 possible games this season, Bridges has been a consistent player for the Nets. His performance might be appealing for the Knicks’ Coach, Tom Thibodeau.

Bridges’ possible move to Knicks often shows up in trade discussions. However, the assets which New York might offer for Bridges vary massively. Bleacher Report’s Dan Favale proposes a trade-in of Miles McBride, Mitchell Robinson, and some draft compensation. Other speculations mention Julius Randle getting swapped for Bridges. The uncertainty remains as there are no reports on what the Nets would demand in return for Bridges or their willingness to part ways with him.

Begley Talks Knicks’ Offseason Strategy

The Knicks are positive they could’ve had a real shot at NBA Finals if Randle was in his top form. Looking forward, they’re strategizing their offseason with that in mind. As per Ian Begley of SNY, nearly every player, barring Brunson, might be available for the right trade. New York’s readiness to let go of Randle also depends on landing an equally valuable star.

With Bridges’ apparent fondness towards his former Wildcats teammates in Knicks, the future is full of possibilities. Word of advice to the fans – brace yourselves for a thrilling offseason.



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