Warriors Eye Trade for $208M Star Brandon Ingram

Key Takeaways:

– Golden State Warriors may not bring back the same roster, minor tweaks could include re-signing guard Klay Thompson.
– The Pelicans’ star, Brandon Ingram could potentially fit the Warriors and is expected to hit the NBA trade market soon.
– Despite his struggle to stay fit, Ingram with his scoring abilities can make a significant difference.
– A trade that benefits both Warriors and the Pelicans may be tricky to arrange.


Ingram to Boost Warriors’ Performance?

In the latest NBA off-season scenario, there’s one that’s grabbing attention. The Golden State Warriors are mulling over an entirely different game plan instead of cherry-picking from their existing roster with meager changes.

Word is that the Warriors might make a star-studded addition to their lineup. Who’s the potential star you ask? It’s none other than the New Orleans Pelicans’ Brandon Ingram. His entry on the NBA trade market is highly anticipated and he seems to be a suitable fit for the Warriors.


Ingram’s Star Power

Brandon Ingram has proven his star power with a spectacular season back in 2019-20. Then with the Pelicans, he was among the central pieces that the Los Angeles Lakers traded to land Anthony Davis.

Where does Ingram fit in the Warriors’ scheme of things? Well, he can score and is a sizeable figure on the court. An added plus is he could come more affordable than other options. The Warriors are on the lookout for someone like him, one who can lead them to a triumphant season while keeping ailments at bay.

Despite injury setbacks, Ingram shines through. Case in point, he nailed a 40-point game against Washington and Toronto in his 30-minute game time. When unleashed, he’s a destructive force on the scoring front.


Health Struggles and Trade Dynamics

Ingram has been plagued with health issues over the last four NBA seasons, missing almost 30% of the games. Nonetheless, his game record is quite impressive. He averaged 20.8 points last season and shot 49.2% from the field and 35.5% from the three-point line.

Setting up a trade deal advantageous to both Pelicans and the Warriors could be challenging though. With Ingram’s health struggles and his nearing four-year, $208 million contract extension, the Pelicans lack bargaining power.

For the Warriors, it might boil down to trading Paul, guard Moses Moody, and possibly a future draft pick for Ingram. This offer could seem light to the Pelicans, but with the current situation, they might not have a better alternative.


A Sea of Potential Suitors

The buzz around Ingram’s trade possibilities grew stronger after the veteran NBA writer, Marc Stein reported a rising conviction in the league. Apparently, the Pelicans are quite proactive about exploring the trade market routes for Brandon Ingram.

Considering this, the Warriors may face competition from the Cavaliers, Sixers, Hawks, and Magic, all indicated as potential destinations for Ingram.

As the NBA offseason unfolds, watch out for where this $208 million star Brandon Ingram lands, and how these expected movements shuffle the dynamics of the league. Stay tuned for more updates.



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