Former Howard Stern Writer Elisa Jordana Pleads Guilty to Domestic Battery

On-Camera Assault Leads to Probation, Community Service for Digital Star

Elisa Jordana, internet star and former “Howard Stern Show” writer, has just entered a guilty plea for domestic battery against her past romantic partner. She forcibly hit him on-camera during a YouTube livestream.

Disorder in Paradise

Jordana, born as Elisa Ann Schwartz, was arrested following the release of her now-infamous YouTube video, titled “Not Doing Good.” The Palm Beach Post, among other news sources, shared reports on the aggressive incident involving her ex-partner, Bahram Alipour.

Driving through Palm Beach, Jordana and Alipour became engaged in a heated altercation while on a call with an unidentified female caller. The argument purportedly originated from allegations of Alipour’s unfaithfulness. Things took a turn for the worse as Jordana proceeded to physically assault Alipour.

Jordana blurted out, “Don’t f—ing talk!” as she slapped her boyfriend. A shaken Alipour responded by indicating that the slap had almost broken his nose. He repeatedly cautioned Jordana about striking him again, threatening to retaliate if necessary.

A Brief Struggle Ends with Arrest

In spite of the warnings, Jordana seemed unfazed, and postured to hit him again. Alipour managed to get hold of Jordana by the hair, forcing her out of the car. He also came out of the vehicle before interrupting the livestream broadcast.

Local authorities later detained Jordana for her involvement in the domestic issue. Known as the “Queen of IRL Livestreaming,” she had initially pleaded not guilty. However, she changed her stance and agreed to a plea deal, TMZ reported.

The Fallout and Sentencing

As part of her plea deal, Jordana must serve 12 months on probation. She must also complete 45 hours of community service and undergo anger management classes. Other requirements include paying a minor fine and undergoing a mental health evaluation ordered by the sitting judge.

Contrary to her initial stance on the assault incident, Jordana expressed regret over her actions. She also shifted the blame to Alipour. Through TMZ, she revealed the existence of messages and Venmo transactions to other women she discovered during couples’ counseling.

An Attempt at Justification

In her statement, Jordana maintained that she was also a victim in the incident. She alleged that her actions paled in comparison to the violence Alipour perpetrated against her.

“I just wanted to slap him,” she admitted in her explanation. “However, when he was violently shaking my head and pulling my hair, I thought he was going to kill me.”

These revelations have brought undue attention to the world of Internet personalities and shed light on the darkness that can lurk behind the camera. This situation serves as a reminder that effective solutions are needed to address the rise in domestic violence cases worldwide. In the meantime, Jordana will need to navigate a public backlash and face the consequences of her actions. Whether this incident will affect her career in the long-term is yet to be seen.


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